bf-blender / Windows (2004/06/03)

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bf-blender / Windows (2004/06/03)

Post by gabio »

A new build for today.
Everything is now calm. Let see what we got this week:

*Relevant feature:
-Save envmap with Percentage.
-flipped Objects correctly draw in OpenGL draw.
-Game engine(python API)
-"Transform Properties" for MetaElem, it's a floating panel.
-internal math, precision.
-epydoc for game engine
-Python Api update: new method.
-New Feature in OOPS Windows! object parenting.(hey, it's a start!)
-'Transform' menus to Ipo, OOPS, Action, NLA, and Sequence spaces.

Tom's additions to the windows build.
(I changed #blendersaue to #blendercoders not #blendercompilers,
does anyone actually use #blendercompilers?)
Panagiotis Papadakos's patch to fix the following:

Implicit declaration of swab in Linux, needs to define __USE_XOPEN at

I also added #includst <stdlib.h> to this file to fix it on solaris as well.

Bug fix 1332

EnvMap render now uses the percentage button for size (f10 buttons).
That wasn't implemented yet for saving envmaps....
Recoded the methods how normals get corrected and flipped during render
conversion. Old method tried to solve it per object, detecting a flipped
matrix. Since we have displacemapping and raytracing this is too inaccurate.
Also, flipping normals should alsways result i correct flipped vertex-
normals too.

Solution is to completely recalcuate the 'puno' (vertex normal) flags in
renderHelp.c now (set_normal_flags). The face normals themselves are not
flipped until that stage.

Second major improvement involves the calculation of correct splitted
triangles, when a quad is not flat. It now creates triangles based on the
vertex normals, which have actual information on surrounding geometry, thus
resulting in much smoother results.
Without this you get errors in ray-shadow, with light shining almost
parallel to a face. But again, displacement mapping improves with it too.

Third fix is that by removing normal flipping from displace code the result
is much better now.
NEW! Blender now displays flipped (negative scaled) Objects correctly in
OpenGL draw.

(BTW: the previous commit also solves raytrace errors with negative scaled

Further a cleanup of displaylist flags and object/base flags. The #define
ACTIVE is moved to filesel.c (only used here).
The GONNA_MOVE #define got a OB_ added in front.
Counter of mballs, before polygonize, had error in taking linked mball-
data into account, causing errors modeling.
bug #1340

Key alpha (render) set alph component at '1' for sky... this is an old
convention from NeoGeo days, and I have absolutely no clue whatfor...
maybe for some antique amiga iff format or so. Made it zero now.
report #1338

Switched order of routines for displacement and autosmooth, where the
autosmooth will be last now. This prevents displaced (loose) faces, and
might give attractive sharp edges in other cases too.

Check for zero normal vectors in the clip planes (if eg Python has set a strange projection matrix)
Fix the transformation of the frustum bound sphere to world coordinates.
Log:(game engine)
Added Python module for Lights.
Added attributes to the vertex class.

- added some "Transform Properties" for MetaElem (Metaball in edit mode, N key). It is locx, loxy, locz, dx, dy, dz and stiffness

Limit for Normalise() call was 0.000000001 or so. This is still far too
big, since a float can go to 10^-37. And, this value is still squared, so
a square root will not frustrate it.

Limit now is 10^-35, fixing disappearing faces in extreme small object
thats extreme close to a camera. (thanks OOPz!)

Use epydoc for generating game python reference (like the bpython guys)

Fix for the IK Assertion bug when the IK constraint on a bone
points to the armature that owns the bone and the subtarget
bone for the constraint is invalid.

Thanks to Stephane Soppera for tracking this one down.

new and Object.isSelected() methods to manipulate the
selection state of Objects.
Contributed by Campbell Barton.

Updates to GamePython Reference.
Added Actuator documentation.
Do a databrowse window for sound actuators when necessary.

Cam's patch to enable parenting in the OOPS menu.

* Added 'Transform' menus to Ipo, OOPS, Action, NLA, and
Sequence spaces

* And a few small tweaks
* Tiny almost-insignificant tweak to the curvature of but

bugfix #1345. Curve.isNurb() segfault fixed.
A new build is available
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Post by kencanvey »

Hey can't belive nobody thanked you yet, wellll, thanks man :D .


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Post by arangel »

Oh, yes, thanks! Great to see a new function for the OOPS window.
Alexandre Rangel
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Post by @ner »

oh thank god - this bug is bugging me since 2.2X - well thank blender coders not god.

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Post by GFA-MAD »

Thanks for this new build ! Again, step by step, Blender is ready to became the most powerfull freeware in this World.

French user, visit !

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