bf-blender / Windows (2004/06/25)

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bf-blender / Windows (2004/06/25)

Post by gabio »

Well, 24 was the birthdate of Quebec(Saint-jean Baptiste), So a lot of party yesteday :x. A beer in one hand, the mouse it the other; Let see the commits this week.

Relevant feature:
-New sequencer effect/feature: sweep, rename strip
-further work on the outlined selection.
-Workflow improvement with floating panels.
-better tooltip draw.
-script update.
-new python function: World.GetActive()
-Render time now stay for us to read it (wow!)
-The new zoom options is now working in all windows.
-Fix for Reflextion map in game engine.
-Relative path is now working!
-New sequencer effect: Glow.
-Screen edge split routine improvement.
-new script: KlopUtils and new python function: Blender.sys.join(dir, file)

Added the possibillity of naming sequence strips in the sequence editor. previously this was not possible for all types.
- Change the name of a strip in the NKEY menu of the strip.
- If a strip HAS a name, it will be displayed in the strip, instead of all that garbage that was previously there (image locations, lengths, whatever)

Still TODO: while adding new effects to the sequencer I will also add this for effect strips. at the moment it's not clear yet what should go in the NKEY menu.

This patch makes the vertex loop select tool only select edges which are part of 2 faces, this cleans up some incorrect selections the tool was making around areas in the mesh where faces had been deleted.

closes bug 1343

added a new Sequence Effect: Sweep.
this consists of 22 different ways to sweep from 1 strip to another. For you windows lovers: it's like "Blinds" in Powerpoint :)
- in the NKEY menu you can choose which type you want perform, vertical, horizontal, in/out etc. it's too much to decribe.

Credits for this go to Kent 'Sirdude" Mein who coded the sequence plugin I stole the code from.

To allow certain sequence effects to have settings, I also added a "varstr" void pointer to the Sequence DNA, that can point to a special struct for each effect. This is similar to how plugins are handles.

more neat effects to come....

- added Font object to have outlines on Solid draw + selection
- Font object didn't support draw xtra wire yet
- removed drawing the circles from MBall object, except in editmode
- little cleanup in draw_object() call, it had a weird exception for
mball drawing
Popular request: the floating panels (NKEY) now close on a 2nd NKEY command.
This for all current NKEY menus by default. Can be standard for each hotkey
controlled Panel from now on; use toggle_blockhandler() for it.

Another popular request: hotkey enabled Panels now optionally reopen on
the previous location, instead of under mouse. This option "Pinned" is a
user option now. Optional for later; have it as per-panel option... dunno!

The last request, close on mouse-exit, won't be implemented, this intrudes
with Panel consistancy, and is pretty OK solved with NKEY-NKEY now.

- lowered tooltip-update delay loop to 0.02 sec (was 0.05), which showed
up 'trails' while going over pulldowns with tooltips
- changed tooltip calculation for size, it was drawing the labels far too
large (height). Made sure text prints in middle too.
- by default tooltips print 12 pixels below button now
Bug fix 1326

When changing subsurf level, in shaded mode, and with Mesh that has more
users... the shaded displist of the other meshes are corrupt, potentially
causing crash.

And: small improvement in select-outline: when drawtype-extra Wire is set,
it skips it. Not needed, looked a bit ugly.

These are changes sent by Luis_F who got this working on win32. Only applies
to that platform and fixes a problem findind yafray dll's

- Scripts:
Campbell Barton updated his Wavefront OBJ scripts and Ben Omari updated his DirectX 7 and 8 ones (thanks both). The other listed scripts had minor updates to accomodate the menu changes.
- Scripts in menus:
renamed Tools to Object, Generators to Add, and Modifiers to Mesh (Metaball, Curve, Surface can be added later), to integrate better in the interface.
- Fixed a bug in Blender.sys.makename: last letter of file extension was being cut out.

Fix: creating a Mesh primitive UV Sphere, used a remove doubles to get
rid of the seam (it's a Spin command!). The threshold value for remove
was set on 0.01, giving too easy errors. Now its 0.0001
Report #1376

Rayshadow didn't use lamp option 'layer' correctly. Objects not in
lamp-layer now also don't get shadows (nor light).
Report #1391

The work i did end of may on render normals (displacemap especially)
caused refraction code to work wrong... took a while to find out, but
just removed a couple of lines too much.
Added clear comment there what it is, and what danger of removing is!

- Scripts:
small update of ideasman's obj import/export scripts (added support for smooth faces)

added a new function to the World module : GetActive(), which returns the world associated to the scene, or None if no such world exists

Little feat request: the rendertime disappeared from header after a
rendering; now it's a permanent part of it.
Fixed another oldie; when loading file the totals counter (as displayed in
info header) didn't update. Also removed convention it counts from active
window-layer, now it uses scene layer.
Report 1387 (todo)

Added consistant zoom in ipo, oops, sound, sequencer, nla, action. This
conforming the new user setting too (cont, dolly, scale).

Fix for reflection mapping unlit faces: normals were not being sent, hence reflection maps weren't being rendered properly (bf-bug #1385)
Set the diffuse material colour - lighting brightness should match blender better. (bf-bug #1385)

- Added correct Writing/Reading of the new Sweep sequence effect (Thanks Ton, where would I be without you)
- Sweep effect updates after you change the type of sweep now.

Feature requests:

- usage of relative paths "//" now can be controlled with a button in the
fileselect header
- relative path support added for linked Library files

Note: in oops window you can see the library file names, select the last
icon button in header to show the blocks.

Added another Sequence effect: the wellknown Glow effect.

- Added function Blender.Save(filename) to save .blend files.
- Added scriptlink-related methods (get, clear, add) to Scene and Materials. Will still add method remove and add these methods to World, Object, Camera and Lamp.
- Updates and small fixes in docs.

Screen edge split routine now uses 4 times less glFlush calls.
Is a testing commit... might be removed or further worked out.

- Added KlopUtils by Carlos Lopez and Batch Object Name Edit by Campbell Barton (thanks both!)

- Fixed things I recently broke in Blender.sys, added Blender.sys.join(dir, file)
- doc and other minor updates

The other fix for drawing XOR lines, now for dragging window edges too.
Main 'improvement' is it not using the gl_util function, but drawing it all
itself, and thus minimizing the amount of flush calls (factor 4).

minor changes to sync with yafray cvs interface, getting closer
to the clean msvc build.

p.s: The new XML button in the yafray panel is there since last week, but it is not working for windows. Though hard working is being done to do so. In short this button use the new plugin system to permit direct visualisation of yafray rendering in the render windows, and the ESC key work to stop yafray too. Already working for OSX and linux. I didn't mentioned since it's not working for us... read the commit here.

A new build is available
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Post by thoro »

You rock! Thank you. Downloading... :D

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Post by GFA-MAD »

Thanks a lot ! I am ready for the bug tracking (But the GameEngine is working so fine that it's getting harder to fonf bugs !)

French user, visit !

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Post by @ner »

always a pleasure

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Post by virgil66ro »

Thank's very much!


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Post by phrangkk »

I always love a new build!

I've tested the sweep and the glow(at the same time) and they both work pretty well.

But I think the name "sweep" is too vague. :wink:

I work in video post-production and these sort of transitions are referred to
as "wipes".

any chance this could be changed before the next release, or is it just me?


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Post by kencanvey »

gabio : thanks for the build mate, my birthday is the 24th too.....I was 40 eeeeek, must stop typing now me joints are hurting (creek creek) :D


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Post by bertram »

Thanks Gabio. This was kind of a precision landig with the new build :wink:
But I think the name "sweep" is too vague.
I work in video post-production and these sort of transitions are referred to as "wipes".
Well, I absolutely agree with phrangkk. In editing and postpro "Wipe" is the common term and should therefore be used instread of "sweep".


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Post by dmao »

Great, thanks to all the coders involved and to Gabio for making the build! My game has a lot of shiny things :) so the environment map fix is wonderful, as are relative pathnames! I've been waiting ages for that! :wink:

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Post by Monkeyboi »

The sweeps are fun, but I'm missing circular sweeps too. Also, proper alpha masking (use one movie to mask another) would be useful, especially when mixing render passes.

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Post by zygom »

cool :D

but on my xp thids build crash a little
i have a question why can't i addition effect
i want to say why i c'ant use sweep and cross effect together
is it possiblle to animate effect ?
thankx :D

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Post by SamAdam »

it's a little late, but on my system when I use yafray without the xml blender crashes, with a nondescript blender will now close dialog box.
win ME
blender build 2004 06 25 (this)
medium quality
aa: one pass, 5 samples
yafray works fine using xml

I will try more later.

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Post by leinad13 »

ye blender and yafray without XML isnt working properly on windows yet. I read in a meeting log that Jandro is working hard and says hes close to fixing this problem.
Over to you boffins


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Post by Doc_Holiday »

I've checked out the Python-GE Possibilities.
I get an Error by printing out the received Object with:

Code: Select all

SCE = GameLogic.getCurrentScene()
print SCE

>> SystemError: Representation not overridden by object.
There is a Problem with the received Object-List:

Code: Select all

 ObList = SCE.getObjectList()
DefCam = ObList[-1]

>> IndexError: Python ListIndex out of range
I get an Blender-Crash by toying with this:

Code: Select all


>> Exception exceptions.TypeError: 'sphereInsideFrustum: Expected arguments:
(centre, radius)' in 'garbage collection' ignored
Fatal Python error: unexpected exception during garbage collection
I'ts great to see the Work on the GE is going on. You do a great Job Men! :D

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Post by arangel »

Great, build! Game engine here flyes very fast.
Where are the importer/exporter scripts present on the 2004_06_18 build?
Alexandre Rangel
Multimedia Designer

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