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Post by MrMunkily »

Joongle: I figured out how to get rid of the error.

Go into your yafray directory, and delete everything that starts with the prefix cyg.

then go into the plugins directory and do the same. deleting the whole yafray installation and reistalling would have the same effect. anyway, this gets rid of the message, which results from try to load older leftover cygwin compiled files from .06 and such

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Post by saetrum »

The slow menu problem still exists in this build. Any idea if the slow menu issue will be resolved in 2.34?

I'm not talking about the eventual slow down on all ATI cards, I'm talking about the extremely slow menu redraw for older ATI cards (because of the use of the front buffer, I believe). It was mentioned in a news item, that ATI had sent some cards to users to look at fixing this, and even was mentioned that 2.34 was the target to fix this. In the current build I still have slow downs. Was hoping to have this fixed.

Anyone have any workarounds for this (yes I have international fonts turned off, anti-aliasing off)?


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Post by scooterl »

saetrum wrote:The slow menu problem still exists in this build. Any idea if the slow menu issue will be resolved in 2.34?
It makes Blender impossible to use! Every single function gets so slowed down by the slow, slow text draw that it takes HOURS to do the simplest things, and it is immeasurably discouraging.

Someone mentioned adding a button that would switch front/back buffer use and probably fix the problem. Has anyone even tried to implement this?

I wonder how many have already been discouraged from using Blender because of this wide-spread and unaddressed problem? I wonder how many more people will uninstall Blender before the problem is finally resolved? Will they ever give it another try? Is it having a negative impact on Blender's reputation?

Do other programmers look at it and snicker at what sort of amateurish work results in a barely-functional menu system? They must.

Its time to save face, and stop giving people a reason to give up on Blender. This is more than a mere annoyance, it is a fundamental operating problem that is turning into an embarassment for the members of the Blender community.

I know its a rant, but just think about it a bit. I'd hate to give up on an otherwise nice program because the coders couldn't figure out how to make a menu work.

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Post by theeth »

Or what you could do is use your given right as a buyer and stop buying from ATI who, release after release, keep producing low end openGL support in favor of directx.

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Post by JoOngle »

MrMunkily - thanks! You're right - that fixed things right away.

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