bf-blender / Windows (2004/07/28) 2.34 Pre Release.

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bf-blender / Windows (2004/07/28) 2.34 Pre Release.

Post by gabio »

Aye, This one is for Maximum testing pleasure. Enjoy every part of it.
This is officially the 2.34 Pre release build for testing in the b-con 4 context.

Relevant Feature to test since last time:
-New Bpython stuff: New Curve method
-Various bugfixes...
-colorpicker support for theme editor
-Cleaned up the User Prefs layout.
-Work on creases editing.
-new submodule Scene.Radio, new functions in Window module
-script update...
-work on yafray plugin....
-spare render buffer is now taged in header bar(JKey)
-Nathan's huge ipo patch.
-The return of the old OSA as an option: choose between Quality or speed.
-Interface drawing tweaks
-Added new selection outline as option
-added 3d cursor option in View Properties panel
-Ui layout change for particle...
-crease value in NKey menu editmode & zlib.pyd (bundled python modules for Win32)
-Even more work on yafray plugin...

added include path for some gameengine file and fixed an undefined function in the shading buttons

New Curve method Curve.appendPoint( numcurve, newpoint ) to add
points to a Curve.

New supporting module CurNurb to provide access to the curves in a Curve
and their associated points.

Curve module now supports Python iterator and sequence protocols.
This allows typical python programming idioms using 'for' statement
and the [] operator.

# example 1
for curve in a_curve:
for point in curve:
print point

#example 2

curnurb = a_curve[0]
curnurb.append( [1,1,1,1] )

Still under construction. Epydoc will follow.
add CurNurb file.
goes with previous commit

Report #1433

In camera view, with ortho camera, the current camera was drawn with
unpredictable sizes. The code was not written to work for ortho, so
I check on that now. Means camera isnt visible itself then, which
is minor I think. Nice for a todo once...

GCC 3.4 compile fixes from bug #1277
Fix bug #1460: Camera IPOs Broken (Gameengine)

Added colorpicker support for theme editor
Added proper duplicate code for displistMesh. causing crashes...
(bug 1434)
Bug 1447

CTRL+ALT+F was supposed to give a button popup to type a search string.
thanks to reordering code in oct last year this didnt work anymore, only
the first time.
Work on filesel.c :

- Bug fix #1464; a 2nd time shift+f1 append didn't make the ".." file a
directory, preventing going to a parent directory in .blend file
- Bug fix (not reported): when saving an image, the fileselect window(s)
didn't show that image file when calling fileselector again
- Removed redundant code from experiment with ImageMagick
- Renamed functions with dutch names... :)
Fix in rendering AO + alphamode "Key". Sky color was set raytrace and not
properly reset when renderimg sky itself.
Report 1456; bezier subdivide was far too simple. The reporter provided
the correct math for it, works like a charm

Fixed (minor) memory leak that occurs when audio can't be opened.

Added a fix for calculating centring buttons in panel. It was off 8 pixels
(the safety).
Bug #1462

A nurbs sphere parented to Bone accidentally was treated as parented to
armature (deform) in renderconverter.

Somewhat better determination of ascii vs. binary filetypes when
importing STL files.

Report #1457

The laptop option "no numpad" did this in the main queue, for all windows.
This caused problems, like for text editing in 3d window.
Now it only does it in 3d window, and not with editmode for Text object.

This commit prevents the loopcut tool from selecting a starting edge which isn't part of any visible faces. Since the tool requires at least 1 face to cut, this does not limit tool functionality and prevents blender from crashing.

Fixes bug #1331

Cleaned up the User Prefs layout. More ordered, descriptive, and better room for growth.

Fix bug #1466: Crash on decimating non-manifold mesh in scons build.
- Enabled the NDEBUG define (to disable assertions) on all platforms in scons.
This is already the default in Makefiles.
- Free MEdge data after decimating, it is not valid anymore.

Work on creases editing.
- while editing creases (SHIFT+E) it works like scaling now (towards or
away from center selection).
- ESC while crease edit now works.
(note; doesnt fit in Trans structs...)
- button 'draw edges' and 'draw creases' now exclude each other

- new submodule Scene.Radio, for radiosity: still incomplete, but in shape for demos, updated SConscript to include it;
- new functions in Window module;
- doc updates: adding a todo file and a new start page for our docs: + other updates;
- small fix in Ipo.c provided by Damien McGuinnes (thanks!): Nathan has a patch with IPO additions and fixes for this and more, but until it is committed, there's this fix for Ipo.getCurve('LocX'), LocY, Z and QuatW,X,Y,Z too, according to Damien.

Other files:
- radpreprocess.c: added check for "during_script()" so eventual msgs don't popup during scripts;
- drawmesh.c: made a pointer (display list) be checked before accessed, fixes crash in scripts that forget to update display lists for subsurf meshes when a 3d view is in textured view mode.

Script: updated bevel_center by Loic Berthe.

Forgot to add remaking displist on ESC for subsurf crease edit...

Fixed camera flip bug.
Shadow lamp flags in plugin were not handled correctly.
Vertexcolors in plugin code were not exported.
Fixed a few bugs related to GIpower parameter.

Let the game engine manage it's own sound scene. This is to fix bug 1415 (Patch from Peter den Bak) ... 9&atid=125
Also release the OpenAL device & context. These were leaked before, and would cause an assertion.

Fix for #1449 (blocky shadows)

This problem appeared to be a famous one, with some fun read to be found
on the web. The solution as I commit here is described on the site: ... 355.0.html

As extra (I needed it quite some!) added requested feature to have the
renderwindow display in titlebar whether the spare page is shown (JKEY)
Wrong threshold for reflection rays (prevent go through backside) caused
errors in rays going extreme close along surface. Like bug #1471 shows.

Threshold removed, can't find any sample where this happens now...
Nathan's huge ipo patch.

- now more than 31 channels possible for ipos
- added lotsa new channels all over
- Texture block has ipo now too
- recoded getname_ei functions

(Will ask nathan to give release log info when he's back!)
Fixed small annoyonce that was there for long;
New objects were not created with correct 'ipowin' value, to denote the
default ipo to show. That caused sometimes wrong display with weird empty
menu button in header.

- Ben Omari sent an update version of his, Jean-Michel Soler updated his and Campbell Barton contributed a new one: (for now it's in the UV menu). Thanks all, great scripts;
- small updates in some other scripts.

- Finished wrapping radiosity functions for the Radio submodule;
- doc updates.

Fix for #1475

Apparently appending or linking from other files didn't call a proper
do_version() patch to initialize new variables correctly. Was result of
the streamgluing stuff in NaN period... fixed.
Fix for #1476

This is another extreme old one; from before NaN days even!
Issue is that shadowbuffers have a bias to prevent faces shadowing itself.
To make bias smarter, code was added to adjust bias based on light angle.
This correction allowed a factor of 10 times smaller bias, being in many
cases much too strong, causing frontally lighted faces becoming too dark.

New correction only halves the bias on frontal light, which looks quite
more convincing and pretty.
Bug fix #1477

Important for everyone to know; buttons with event return code 0 pass on
the button event to other buttons. This was in yafray panels so, causing
buttons unwanted to be pressed when dragging sliders.

The official 'empty' event is B_DIFF, to denote that back and frontbuffers
are different, since the button was updated in front only with a press.
Alternative is B_NOP, which doesnt do anything.
Removed inadequate cursor grab feature.
Fixed small calculation error for non-float slider, which defined
whether redraw was needed. This shows on (some) windows cards that the
button continuously keeps updating/flashing.

Since I can't test it here, please confirm :)
Solution for old reports, that ray_transp filtered image textures wrong.
Problem was in calculation of oversampling vectors for correct AA. With
the new AA method, this is less necessary, so the code now doesnt use
mipmapped or filtered images when it is refracted. For reflected rays it
does still use the filter though, there the error is hardly noticable.

For all tests and report .blend files it looks much better.
However, a real mathematical solution is preferable still.

Add missing funcs to Lamp method table:
Methods were implemented but not in instance method table.

new window behaviour for macos X computers :

if video card is open GL accelerated and has 16 Mo or more
start window in maximized mode wich is a full screen mode
but keeping access to other windows and sytem menu items

older comps start as usual

Added option to set 'full Osa' on non raytraced scenes. This makes sure
old files still use the old fast OSA, and when you want a specific
material to have specular/shader/texture AA you can set this individual.

When rendering ray_mir or ray_transp or ray_shadow the new OSA will be
effective by default however.

Still todo; make this switch work for transparant faces and unified...

Uncommited dashed lines to indicated 1x1 zoom. While it did look nice and useful, it caused some rather nasty slowdown on some 3D cards. It was decided to push the feature as well as further discussions on it (zooming indicator in corner or others means of showing zoom level) for after 2.34.

Interface drawing tweaks:

* Made the shaded ends of popup menus the right shape,
when the button is aligned, connected to another button.
Found by desoto, fix by desoto

* Made the icons inside icon buttons scale up with zoom,
rather than just sit down in the bottom-left corner. The
scaling up is rather ugly - consider this a temporary
measure until we can find a nicer solution, on the
backburner for 2.35. Found once again by Bugmaster
Desoto, fix by ton.

Added framework OpenGL to link path, to enable the video memory check
in osx ghost now.
fix for #1479

Caused by commit Kester 7 weeks ago, adding sound actuator always crashes
when no sounds have been loaded. He forgot to put a MEM_Free within the
brackets. :)
Both transparent render and Unified render now behave with old speed
again. Use raytraced material, or set the "full Osa" option if you
like slow rendering, but with nice specular/shading/texture AA.
Removed unnecessary window-close on subsequent renders. This not only causes
delays and lotsof redraw events for the desktop, it also made it impossible
to drag a renderwindow to a desired position.
Now it only re-opens on render size changes. Maybe enables to have the
window permanent on 2nd monitor for extended desktops?

Note; the 'pref position' preset in F10 still works, but only on window
open of course.
Added new selection outline as option in View->View Properties panel. And
while working there added 3d cursor there as well.
I admit it isn't the best location ever, but let's do the threaded
discussions after 2.34 is out. :)
Oops, include file belonging to previous commit...

Plus: moved particle interaction and effect buttons back to a single
Object context. The proposed solution (sub context) has workflow issues,
(adds another click (no hotkey) to view settings)
whilst almost all Object buttons nicely fit in single view still.

This was on todo since first particle commit, actually the idea was to
move particle related issues to a special sub-context, but leave the
effects themselves in the Object main menu. Splitting off Particles from
the Effect system isn't in the scope of what is feasible now.

Also note; the current panel 'particle interaction' actually should be
a generic 'forces and collision' panel, since it's also relevant for
soft body feature (WIP)... that can be changed later.
Added crease value in NKey menu editmode

added a nice alert box when blender is run on a mac with less than 8Mb VRAM

- Campbell Barton updated his script;
- Added to Mesh scripts a call to Window.EditMode(0) to leave editmode before changing meshes.

- small doc fixes / updates;
- added a call to undo_push_mesh inside Window.EditMode(0).

Mesh scripts could change the mesh but not the editmesh -- that would then overwrite the changed mesh. Made all mesh scripts leave edit mode before changing a mesh.

- added & zlib.pyd (bundled python modules for Win32)
provided by IanWill (thanks!)

- updated build systems to suit

As requested; the Ramp shaders have same blending operators as were added
for texture blending.

Also made the popups for this blending stuff in more logical order.

Major update, all implemented a bit in a hurry, and probably will need bugfixes at some point.

Extended the range of the depth and cdepth parameters as reqested by leope.
Bumpmapping should now be a bit more similar to the Blender render.

Added support for all remaining lightsources in yafray, tried to make use of
as much of the existing Blender parameters as possible.

Blender Lamp: added switch to enable rendering with shadowbuffer ('softlight' in yafray).
All other parameters are similar to the Blender settings, for yafray both the
bias parameter and the shadowbuffer size can be lower than equivalent Blender
settings, since the yafray buffer is floating point. Remember that 6 shadowmaps
are created in this case, so can use quite a bit of memory with large
buffer settings.
When 'ray shadow' is enabled for this lamp type, it is possible to set a light
radius to create a spherical arealight source ('spherelight' in yafray),
when this is 0, it is exported as a pointlight instead.

Blender Spot: as in Blender now supports 'halo' rendering.
Halo spots always use shadowbuffers, so when enabled the buttons for shadowmap
settings will appear. The 'ray shadow' button can still be used to disable
shadows cast onto other objects, independent of halo shadows.
One thing to remember, halo's don't work with empty backgrounds, something must
be behind the spotlight for it to be visible.

And finally, the photonlight:
probably the most confusing (as more things related to yafray), the photonlight
is not a real lightsource, it is only used as a source to shoot photons from.
Since indirect lighting is already supported (and looks better as well)
only caustics mode is supported.
So to be able to use this properly other lightsources must be used with it.
For the photonlighting to be 'correct' similar lightsettings as for the 'source'
light are needed.
Probably the best way to do this, when you are happy with the lighting setup
you have, and want to add caustics, copy the light you want to enable for
caustics (shift-D) and leave everything as is, then change the mode to
To not waiste any photons, the photonlight behaves similar to the spotlight,
you can set the width of the beam with the 'angle' parameter. Make sure
that any object that needs to cast caustics is within that beam, make
the beam width as small as possible to tightly fit the object.
The following other parameters can be set:
-photons: the number of photons to shoot.
-search: the number of photons to search when rendering, the higher,
the blurrier the caustics.
-depth: the amount of photon bounces allowed, since the primary use is for
caustics, you probably best set this to the same level as the 'ray depth'
-Blur: this controls the amount of caustics blur (in addition to the search
parameter), very low values will cause very sharp caustics, which when used
with a low photonnumber, probably lead to only some noisy specks being rendered.
-Use QMC: Use quasi monte carlo sampling, can lead to cleaner results, but also
can sometimes cause patterns.

Since the photonlight has no meaning to Blender, when using photonlights and
switching back to the internal render, the light doesn't do anything, and no
type button will be selected. The lightsource can still be selected, but unless
switching to yafray, no parameters can set.

Apologies to Anexus, I had no time to really do something with your code,
I'll still look at it later, to see if I can improve anything in my implementation.
First victim of the hurried work, halo spots always cast shadows.
So removed 'ray shadow' button for that case.
So what I said in the previous commit is not true, with halo for
spots enabled, shadows are always cast, and cannot be disabled, sorry...

Fixed up the layout and language of the
View Properties Panel.
Removed an unnecessary separator in the Object/Mesh->
Scripts menus
Fixed up the layout and language of the
View Properties Panel.

(reminder: ... 338.0.html )
Removed an unnecessary separator in the Object/Mesh->
Scripts menus
A few small language/labelling edits to these bundled

A new build is available
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Post by Carl »

So sweet!! :) Downloading immediately. Thanks!


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Post by Samjh »

I was just going to ask about when the official pre-2.34 release will be coming out. Thanks Gabio, and all contributors. :D

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Post by thoro »

Thank you very much - wow, that's a changelog! Downloading...

I've been using the CVS version at work - the new subsurf creases are really a great feature - and so is the ramp shader. I'll show some of the results at elYsiun.

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Post by KRUChY »

Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait to run it... ;D
THX gabio ! 8)

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Post by kencanvey »

gabio : thanks for your hard work :)


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Post by solmax »

again a nice one :) :).

minor bug in interface-drawing: when switching from effects>>particle interaction adn back, the animation settings panel overlaps the effects panel.

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Post by marekp »

stereo page flipping is not working properly (win32) --- the right eye view is not being drawn -- ie. left eye view alternates with black

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Post by macouno »


Love the weighted creases!!!

though as a downside I really liked the pink outline that was drawn on selected objects in the build I had before.

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Post by lukep »

macouno wrote:Grand!!!

Love the weighted creases!!!

though as a downside I really liked the pink outline that was drawn on selected objects in the build I had before.
still there, look in view properties panel

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Post by jeotero »

gabio thanks again for the build , also to Lukep...make the new features junkies happy :P hah ah ha just kidding

by the way main page should be in b-con 4 right ?

sorry for this, does any of you guys know where to get a tuhopuu build with the shadows in the game engine :P


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Post by thoro »

lukep wrote:still there, look in view properties panel
...I had to search the setting, too - but I read the changelog :wink:

BTW, great build - I work with it for 4 hours now and it just kicks ass :)

Is there a way to enhance the OSA in raytraced reflections (see the mirrored screen below)? Currently I render on higher resolutions and size them down in Photoshop.

(I already know the virus mesh sucks :lol:)

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Post by gabio »

jeotero wrote:gabio thanks again for the build , also to Lukep...make the new features junkies happy :P hah ah ha just kidding

by the way main page should be in b-con 4 right ?

sorry for this, does any of you guys know where to get a tuhopuu build with the shadows in the game engine :P

THe b-con 4 status is not officially on now.. but all the planned feature for 2.34 is commited.
don't worry, the b-con4 is planned for today.
Ton wrote:Hi,

As far as I know, Alfredo will still commit fixes/additions for yafray

exporter. Thats the last real commit, so we can go compiling testing
builds for the forum tomorrow.

I'll post an article and update 'b-con' level to 4 tomorrow. :)

If all goes fine, we can do release next week. Reminder; commits in
freeze status only on showstopper release issues!



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Post by finty »

looking great.

the names of the IPOs running along the right col of the ipo window runs of the space if it is too long.

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Post by lukep »

thoro wrote: Is there a way to enhance the OSA in raytraced reflections (see the mirrored screen below)? Currently I render on higher resolutions and size them down in Photoshop.
look in material panel, there is 2 new buttons :full OSA and bias, both will get you better results (at a render time cost).

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