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rednelb wrote:and if i turn the yafray to plugin (not export to xml) blender crashes everytime!
You must use a current CVS yafray build. A few threads back there were some pointers as to how to install that.


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Post by Samjh »

Does the 0.0.7 pre-release build also work with this Blender build? I'm using the 0.0.7 pre-release build of Yafray, and it (Blender and Yafray) crashes when I try to use Yafray in plugin mode.

Exporting to xml works fine, however.

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Post by trogdor »

why was the cursor grab removed? i appriciated that...

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Post by Monkeyboi »

I remember hearing the 'xml' button was temporary - that Yafray rendering would default to not use xml files with the xml export feature as an added bonus, not a default procedure.

How about moving xml export to the Export menu? It could be called 'Yafray XML (.xml)' or just 'Yafray (.xml)' for those who really want to have an xml file to edit.

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Post by malefico »

I found that the "Lens/Clipping" menu doesn't pop up when trying to insert a keyframe for camera, in edit buttons, in my linux CVS build. Is this happening in the windows build too ?



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Post by theeth »

It pops in the object settings. I'm filling a bug report right now.

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