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BF OSX 10.3 (2?) HOOKS Feature 09/16/04

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 6:12 pm
by Money_YaY!

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 3:41 am
by zbgump
Cool, I've been wanting to try the hooks!

Problem though,

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dyld: /Applications/Blenders/hooks/ can't open library: /usr/local/lib/libfreetype.6.dylib  (No such file or directory, errno = 2)
Do I need to download freetype with fink?

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 7:58 pm
by solmax
same here. umm, any release logs? what hooks?



Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 8:05 pm
by ElBarto
Take a look at the Windows-built posting; ... pic&t=4598

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 11:32 am
by solmax
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

whoaaaa. that's...amazing. just this dylib keeps bothering me, i installed freetype using fink and still doesn't work.. further investigation is on the way

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 12:57 pm
by solmax
ok got it working.. this is really amazing - the hooks and path deform are extremely useful - tentacles and such are a piece of cake now! (i've been trying to make a matrix-sentinel setup with regular bones - a pain in the ass, right now it seems wuite easy)

many many thanks to the developers.

just one "flaw" - path deform in combinations with hooks doesn't update the deformed mesh, unless i change frame. cpuld this issue be solved? that would be great.


Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 1:22 pm
by solmax
more problems:

i updated my spine using hooks and path deform - unfortunately it seems to work quite sloppy, "because" of multiple parenting/constraints/hooks etc. (find the at the bottom of this post)

brief description:

- a 2-point bezier curve is the "core" of the spine. it is controlled - for the sake of simplicity - by two empties ("hips", "neck").

- the curve itself deforms, using the new path-deform, a helper object ("spine.helper"), which consists of four planes stacked in equal distances.

- at each plane's center there is a cube ("v.1" to "v.4", also kind of a helper). each cube is vertex-parented to the corresponding plane

- finally, an armature with the same height as the "spine.helper" is utilized to provide deformation of the final mesh (not included in my file). each bone has a copyLoc constraint to the helper cube at it's start-position, and a track-to constraint to the cube at it's end position. bones are not parented to each other.

so, how to use? basically it should be enough to move/rotate the two empties to get a quite natural behaviour of the spine.


- update: none, not even after changing frame (OSX 10.3.5). the bones update only if you switch to pose mode and fiddle around in the constraints panel (like collapse/expand a constraint).

can you please test this to confirm that behaviour? and, can those issues be adressed and somehow solved?

get file here:

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 2:58 pm
by Money_YaY!
confirm. the bones do not move with the spline.

the bones are still in the plans from ton to add in..

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 5:41 pm
by solmax
ok, but what abt those update problems in general? even the combination of hooks and path-deform updates only after frame-change. is this "by concept" or simply because of beta-status?

best regards


Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 7:46 am
by zbgump
I've updated freetype with Fink, but I'm still unable to get this to launch.

Any ideas?

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:52 am
by solmax
had the same problems. simply search the freetype lib, then have a look at the console to see where blender expects it, and simply copy the lib and the link to it in that directory.

you may alos need a jpeg lib, same procedure (update with fink, sréarch, copy)