bf-blender / Windows (2004/10/06)

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by wavk »

Yup, it's been bothering me too.

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Post by bleen »

the new outliner rocks, of course! it´s really comfortable!!

so once again a little bug report!
i can only reproduce the bug with my .b.blend userprefs. a "diagonal line"
distort the mesh edit menu from the header. (maybe it´s a ati-problem?!)
take a look on that: (not the yellow line, nearby the yellow!)

another thing:
i flipped the triangle edge in face selection mode, but the selection isn´t available after that, similar to the edge selection mode. in edge selection mode, the edge between the two triangles isn´t marked after the flip. please take a look on the different selection modes for flipping triangle edges.

in edit mode, when zbuffer is enabled, there´s no vertex-loop selection available.

i dunno, whether it´s necessary to mark the faces in edge slection mode or in vertices selection mode.
about f-gon: when "all edges" are activated, it will be good thing that there is an option for displaying f-gon in all edges and not.

i like the curves from the oops menu, but when you´re interesting in the "improve" the oops, when you have to think about to make things available to edit data blocks like erase, duplicate, link them together or the copy menu. i was wondering why nobody had coded "bone datablocks" for the oops all the time?
the "transparent-look" for the data blocks from tuhopuu will be fine to see in the cvs!
i saw very interesting ideas by Matt Ebb on his site for the oops!!


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Post by arangel »

Great build. Love the outliner.

On this build, I can´t select (highlight, to then delete) the links between logic bricks. Tested on two PCs (Win 2000 and XP).
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Post by li0n »

Outliner ROCKS¡ thanks to all developers. YuUju

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Post by Monkeyboi »

Looks like the Outliner has been updated from the look of this:

Looks nice, and seems to support more stuff including vertex groups, scripts and actions. Awesome!

Still seems to reside in the OOPS window though...

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Post by Bellorum »

Yes. I've made it a habit now to make a daily Cygwin build. I would share, but having problems with uploading to my website:/ Not much new anyway.
I haven't decided yet if I like the connective lines. Looked..cleaner before. I don't know.
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Post by gabio »

update soon then. :o

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Post by ch »

yep, since this build are alot of bugs fixed! :)
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Post by mataii »

where can I find a SGI Irix version of that build? I'd like to test :P , It looks great


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