bf-blender / Linux (2004/10/27)

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bf-blender / Linux (2004/10/27)

Post by gabio »

Finally! My first Linux build. Done in scons with GCC 3.3.3. I had to setup a dual boot with winxp, install gentoo(over 20h of compile) install scons and that's it. I hope there is no lib left(should not but who know?) anyway. Enjoy all the new stuff.
Relevant features:
-New stuff in bpython.
-work on gameengine
-Port stereo stuff from tuhopuu2: anaglyph, vinterlace
-work on yafray exporter:
--Material 'TexFace' mode now works
--The new noise functions for procedural textures are now supported in yafray,
--The 'power' button has been renamed to 'EmitPwr'
-eyecandy: Enabling transparent pulldown/popup menus in Blender.
-Martin DeMello's patch to add dxf import code for: CIRCLE, ARC, ELLIPSE and LWPOLYLINE.
-game engine stuff: Switch fixed time system, Keyboard sensors can now hook escape key.
-more Text editor goodness from themeyers.
-Four new extrude possibilities;- Individual faces,- Only edges,- Only Vertices(well I count 3icon_wink.gif)

Two reported issues with undo #1667 and #1168

- press TAB without object active cleared undo stack
- typo (another!) in variable name, causing undo stack from wrong object
to be used (when have edited more objects)

Plus i found:
- rule for preserving editmode undo stacks, while using global undo, made
stricter now. Before it only checked name, now it checks for existance
of pointers extra.

Bug fix for #1493 -

- Changed shortcut of "Align Active Camera to View" to
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad0 to make it Windows-friendly.

- Old shortcut of Shift-Numpad0 still works (until we find some other
use for it!)

Could use testing on KDE/Gnome, etc - incase we make X do somersaults or something equally daft! :P

- Blender.Window: added function GetPerspMatrix() (Tom Musgrave's patch, thanks);
- added Chris Want's patch to tell argc, argv to the Python interpreter (thanks, Hos);
- Blender.Image: added image.glFree() to free textures bound by the recently added
image.glLoad() (both suggested by Campbell Barton -- thanks, with these Blender can
be used to load textures for scripts);
- Blender.Sound: removed for now at least a few get/set methods of vars that can't be
accessed via interface;
- renamed Get/makeActive to Get/setCurrent in Blender.World (actually added alias for
now), same in Blender.Sound: renamed makeActive to setCurrent. Stephen Swaney
pointed this some weeks ago, we should stick to one naming convention.
- added documentation for Sound and Window.Theme modules and the other added
functions, made other small updates.
- Blender.Object: made 'worldspace' become the default output of .getMatrix and .mat/.matrix:
after reading a discussion on's Python forum where eeshlo mentioned the
pre 2.34 default was worldspace, I took a better look at Blender's relevant code,
confirmed, talked to Theeth about this and as he suggested am changing the default
back to 'worldspace'.

Fix for better flushing up/down of hide flags in the selection modes. Still
tricky to find the perfect rule. This version should satisfy I think ;)
Aim is to have ALT+H and H doing always the same, regardless selection mode.

Better pointer check in outliner.c for actions, for bassam :)

Two fixes!

- undo system didn't work in editmode AT ALL!!! (stupid me)
- Lattice deform on non-subsurfed objects did not update

Fix makeScreenshot for blenderplayer

Port stereo stuff from tuhopuu2: anaglyph, vinterlace

Do a complete physics timestep each step instead of some per frame

Tweek the stereo settings: allow negative eye separation.

Blender hemilight shadow flag now ignored (reported by varuag).
Texture axes were not exported for procedural textures.
Duplicate armatures were not handled correctly (reported by richie).
Triangle uv-coord splitting (reported by anael, richie & Alvaro).

Material 'TexFace' mode now works too, as in Blender it functions as an extra
first texture channel, replacing the base color.

The new noise functions for procedural textures are now supported in yafray,
but is not quite completed yet, still undergoing changes.
(needs yafray from cvs).

The 'power' button has been renamed to 'EmitPwr', since it controls background,
arealight (including lamp with radius) & material emit power.
This button can now be used with the 'SkyDome' method as well to control
background lighting.
To control indirect lighting power, a button called 'GI pwr' has been added,
only use this when really necessary, first try modifying 'EmitPwr' instead.

The 'gradient' button. This includes the python code to set
this parameter as well.

Enabling transparent pulldown/popup menus in Blender. Speed of drawing is
not affected when using standard (alpha=255) settings.

Only the backdrop for menus and unselected items can be transparent, the
highighted (active) item remains solid colored.

Just fun eyecandy tho :) but the recode of menu enables this easily.
Added glBlendFunc() in draw menu, but that's zealotic... anyhoo, who knows
it solves issues with transp menus

Bug #1670

Just one simple report, 4-5 hours work...
reported was that selecting in action+nla window is slightly off. Quite
annoying. It appeared to be a wrong usage of View2D facilities, causing
part rewrite of a lot of stuff here. Mainly did it as excercise, to get
better understanding of all of this. Would need some testing though!

PLus; fixed crash while using "single user" menu with Ipos in Object.

Put back frontbuffer drawing for link-lines, used in the logic editor.
No quick & nice method can be found to prevent using frontbuffer for now.

Fix for #1679

When rendering from localview, the lamp layers were not evaluated properly
for "Layer" option in Lamps. This because localview uses layers 24-31. :)

Fix is simple; just not use localview layers for lamp while render.

bug #1681

Using a too short string for a file path (plugin) caused crash

Bug #1686

Subsurf, optimal; the outline-selected-draw now uses a normal wireframe
(not optimal) giving a nicer outline.

Fix for #1691

Using octree resolution 512 easily could overflow fixed sized array that
holds all node branches. Had to jack that up...

Bug #1690

Crash on large mesh while vertex painting. Was combo of using shorts
(signed) and just a too low limit (64k).
Now it uses integer for main lookup table and max is 512k. Still an
artificial limit, but this wont crash when you exceed faces, just give
nice warning :)

added -h to the commandline args to print usage.

Martin DeMello's patch to add dxf import code for:

I made some modifications to it to clean it up a bit.

I entend to do some more dxf stuff in the near future but figured
this is ready to go for now, and trying to clean up a bunch of small stuff
I've had sitting around for awhile. icon_wink.gif


Fix for #1549

This was something users found since tracing got into blender, having
sometimes small 'dots' or bright pixels or missing reflection rays in
an image. Thanks to the very simple sample file I could disect it...
it appeared to be an incomplete check for all numerical exceptions when
you traverse the octree nodes. Very technical, but clear comments are in
the code to explain icon_wink.gif

Switch fixed time system. Logic updates should now happen at 30Hz, physics at 60Hz. (By default, use Python to set.) Some actuators still run at framerate (IPO, Action) for nice smooth animation, and an excuse to buy high end hardware.

Keyboard sensors can now hook escape key. Ctrl-Break can be used from within blender if you've forgotten an end game actuator.

Fixed a stupid bug preventing some actuators working (like TrackTo).

fix for #1646

view3d header menu, mesh editmode, "make edge/face" didn't work. not since
it was committed oct last year icon_smile.gif

Bug fix #1647

Making 'nice' code (split reused code in separate call) caused DupliFrames
option not to work, dupliverts & particles did, but yah, testing eh! icon_smile.gif

Bug fix 1649

Add edge/face didn't use correct selection code yet.

Fix for #1650

"Clear FGon" didn't call essential EM_fgon_flags(), to rebuild the lookup
table codes for polygons. This causes former fgon faces to become
not selectable

Suggested by bug reporter; pressing Fkey to make a face, whilst the
selection already is 2 triangles, it should create a new face but
remove the old triangles. It actually calls the 'ALT+J' command then
(join triangles)

While testing found out more cases where new selection flags were not
properly used (join trias, beauty fill, flip edges, rotate edges)

Fix for #1618

Only shadow material + spotlamp-ray-shadow didn't clip for the spotbundle

Bug #1651

And another fix for only shadow render. Correct clipping for spotbundles
shining on only-shadow materials.

Small fix for #1628

Constraints on an object with hooks (or other deformer) didnt update
OK while transform(). The fix is easy code to isolate for Martin, so
hopefully he can find integrated solution in transform() refactor icon_smile.gif

more Text editor goodness from themeyers.

TABKEY indents current selection.
SHIFT-TABKEY unindents current selection.

Outliner now visualizes and allows selection and name editing of Armatures
in edit mode.

Small extra fix; selection (mouse) on armature points goes easier now
(larger accepted distance from mouse pointer)

Two little fixes for previous commit;

- selecting 'loose' bones selected parent tip
- sends redraw outliner for armature edit

2nd fix for selecting bones in outliner, in armature editmode!

Sorry! Third attempt for selection of f***g bones in editmode. Now I
discovered the BONE_IK_TOPARENT flag!

Hah! found the trick to recover hierarchy in edit bones, so the display
of Outliner of it is nice hierarchical too.

Please note that storage in outliner for editbones and pose-bones are
separate, so you have to uncollapse the views independently

Fixes for #1654 and #1655

- crash when converting nurbs->bezier, with nurbs having <3 points
- copying audio strips in sequencer didnt increase ipo user counter

When you save a file while using radio tool, it didn't load correctly
because of a flag set which prevented drawing the objects.

Outliner; menu 'scene operations' didnt do anything, commented out

Undo; when using global undo, the editmode undo stack remains accessible.
Meaning you can do global undo/redo, and then go back in editmode and
have all undo/redo steps as originally left in editmode.

Four new extrude possibilities;

- Individual faces
Keeps Mesh manifold, so removes old faces always. Also uses a
transform based on different vectors per vertex.

- Only edges
Just extrudes the edges (not really 'individual', the edges still
share the vertices. Uses same transform as normal extrude for that

- Only Vertices
Uses normal transform after extrude

Also changed code a bit, to detect whether to call a normal-based
transform after extrude, or whether to call normal grabber. For example
when you just extrude 1 edge, it uses normal grabber.

Note; extruding an entire sphere goes OK with 'individual faces'. for
other extrudes you should press 's key' when in transform. Just cannot
predict (yet) when one method has preference over another.

a new build is available
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Post by ch »

what means this:
Do a complete physics timestep each step instead of some per frame
German site with Blender Tutorials

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Post by OTO »

YAY!! Finally the famous gabio builds and specially the great article that cames with it, available for the Open Source people!
After some hours of use, it works well on a Mandrake 10.1 community
Thank you very much

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Post by gabio »

OTO wrote:YAY!! Finally the famous gabio builds and specially the great article that cames with it, available for the Open Source people!
After some hours of use, it works well on a Mandrake 10.1 community
Thank you very much
there is no international font. which lead me to look at the config for the next one.

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