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User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by JA-forreal »

theeth wrote:
mosesonline wrote:I could swear this button wasn't there until you've said it. :D
With HT I've redered a frame in 1:48 without in 2:13 it's a littel faster but it's faster :)
Not too bad.

I'm curious if it will give a true proportional speedup on a SMP machine. I guess that would depend on the number of threads launched at once in regards to the number of processors.

I wonder if anyone has tested Blender now with a machine that has more than 2 threads. Say 4 to 8 threads for instance? Hehehehe.

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Post by ElBarto »

Got some problems with static particles and halo texture using a image:


On my computer (Win2k/ CVS041227/ Ati9700pro/ AMD Athlon 3000XP) Rendering is slower than 2.36:
20:27:62 min on 2.37 without Threading activated
20:22:82 min on 2.37 with Threading activated
19:17:90 min on 2.36

Put all this into the bugtracker.

Blender Feature Proposal:

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Post by Tizmo »

It crashes the Raptor_radio_ray_env.blend test file on my computer, I'll report this to the bugtracker well.

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Post by ZanQdo »

Yes, it crashes everything that uses radiosity, I have already reported it to the bugtracker

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Post by ZanQdo »

Hi, can somebody confirm that relative path links aren't working on this build? I submit it to the bug traker but aparently it works whit ton's build or I'm missing something :?

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