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bf-blender / Linux (2005/04/04)

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 4:06 am
by gabio
-This build is realy softbody oriented. Take note you don't need to name the object soft anymore now. New effect for particle and SB, wind.
-There is also a lot of subsurf change. Wave bye-bye to HyperMesh... mean the old system is now deleted.
-And still some transform work. like the use of the PET tool while creasing... From what theeth said, the old transform is now almost matter of the past...

-Made with gcc, glib 2.3.5 and scons

(edit) For now on, The archive will be broken in two, so it's more easy on the server and bandwidth, but also more fast for you. I will notify when the xtra archive will be updated with new file If you already have a blender installation, the xtra files is not needed
Relevant feature:
-Added Softbody effect for Lattices
-More softbody tweaking.
-added vertex normal calculation functionality to CCG subsurf
-CKey during transform now clears the constraint.
-Made SoftBody work with Particle Force Fields.
-Added new (Particle) Deflector; type Wind.
-Added Crease transformation.

Jacked up max resolu and resolv for Surface and Curve to 1024

More softbody goodness;

- Added Softbody effect for Lattices (not too useful yet without
vertexgroups though)
- Added default vertex "goal" value + button, to be assigned when no
vertexgroup exists (or vertex isn't in the group)
- Made softmin and softmax work as documented (defining min and max range)
- made changes in buttons send 'update' signal to softbody


- added Nkey Properties to show lattice coordinates

Hidden verts using mesh connected PET caused segfaults.
Was caused by the scratch array offsets counting hidden verts when, obviously, it shouldn't.

Also simplified the check for non connected when setting dist. This *might* have caused some errors.

New minimal & 2D drawing type for Manipulators; try F10 "rt" on 5 (or 6 for
same style in trackball arcs)

Full collection can be found temporally here;

- hidden edges were being drawn when DRAWEDGES was off

Added more dependencies to softbody, for correct recalc
For example; subsurfed softbody after play anim (ALT+A) didn't get
cleared correctly. Darn where_is_object stuff!


- on add new SoftBody, it creates automatically edges in Mesh now, gives
too confusing results otherwise
- if no edges exist in mesh, it also doesnt add diagonals for faces in


- fixed stupid 'used unitialized' gcc warning (sorry theeth!)
- made dualAxisConstraint() accept string too
- little cleanup of prints in using Manipulators

Error in Softbody goal-min and goal-max correction. It was giving
not as result the range as indicated!

- added vertex normal calculation functionality to CCG subsurf (CCGSS
is fast, but can be rather tedious to work with...)
- vertex normals for smooth faces draw correctly now... this code also
switched to drawing with GL_QUAD_STRIP which can be quite a bit faster
(depends how fast graphics card calcs lighting, I get 50% faster here)

Removes global variable access from TransData conversion fonctions.

Added a NULL check on TransInfo->data before sorting. At that point, the conversion could have been cancel if there's no selected elements (caused segfaults with PET).
Another NULL check on TransInfo->data in postTrans fonction, since that is called on cancel on no selection too.

Was missing a matrix multiplication when setting TransData->dist on meshes which caused PET on scaled meshes to be bad. (bug report 2395: ... group_id=9 )

Added a NO_NOR_RECALC context flag. With Individual extrude, the normals are already set by the extrude code, recalculating breaks them.

Cosmetic changes, renamed CTX_NOPET to CTX_NO_PET

CKey during transform now clears the constraint.

- kinda crazy, but replaced old ME_SIMPLE_SUBDIV method with just
using regular ccgsubsurf but with crease set to full.

- work-in-progress: subsurf level 0 now just acts like a regular mesh,
before it would follow subsurf code path by creating fake displistmesh,
etc... kinda fun for testing but just annoying now.
- change to creasing behavior, to make sure that with full creasing effect
is just simple subdivision.

- moved subsurf_calculate_limit_positions to using ccgsubsurf
- removed ME_CCG_SUBSURF define
- dropped CCGSubSurf from editing menu... subsurf is always
CCG now.

NOTE: If you saved a file with CCGSubSurf set on the button
will show up blank (will still work as a subsurf). Just change
type back to Catmull-Clark.

Wave bye-bye to HyperMesh...

- change make_orco_displist_mesh to use current editmesh as source
if needed.
- don't return cached subsurf during editmode, order is messed up (fixes
orco rendering).

- Made SoftBody work with Particle Force Fields.

- Added new (Particle) Deflector; type Wind.
Wind gives constant directional force. It is animatable (Ipos) and reacts
to Object scaling. Also uses FallOff. Works for particles and SoftBody
quick movie check;
test file is in

- Added MaxDist option for forcefields, to control its influence better.
Is drawn as circle in 3d window.

Forcefields are a bit weak still... should react to scaling, or not; in
that case drawing should indicate it (done for spherical field now).

Crease transformation

Behavior is a bit different. Instead of showing the weird two value thing like the old transform did, it always show the weight variation in +/- that is applied to every edge. Works a bit like scale. Move away from center to increase, move closer to decrease (between -1.0 and 1.0).
Works with PET (not using connection yet).

Also removed some missed global Trans variable abuse.
This build is now obsolete.

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 5:50 pm
by OTO
Thank you for the build
Downloaded and start to test:
Still no real time lights??!!
ODE doesn't work?!
I love the new small "icons?" for the new effects. Very Blender style, unlike
the ugly transform widgets, much MAX and friends style
Soft Bodies are trully wonderfull and became "easy" to use
It's amazing the work that has been done in just some months, in such
sophisticated tools
Why the game engine don't "upgrade" a bit too?
Is it more harder to code for a game engine?
Quite far as I know blender started as a "in-house" tool for
a game making studio and specially it was suposed to be the "the next big thing"
of the later NAN

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 11:42 pm
by GreyBeard
Take a cube and subdivide twice the turn on subsurf level 2. Duplicate a portion of the mesh and press p (separate) causes a segfault. Without subsurfing separating is no problem -- so probably something wrong with the new subsurf code.

Rendering seems faster than on 2.36 but I haven't timed it.


Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 1:17 am
by fonz2591
i've been having trouble using this
the blender runtime has a picture of a lock over the icon and i get an error when i try to open it

I am using gnome & Fedora Core 3

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 1:23 am
by kxs
Everything`s cool, but the moving along Y axis. When you move object along local Y axis it says global and when moving global it says local.
And while rotating there is no global/local info at all.

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 2:03 am
by gabio
fonz2591 wrote:i've been having trouble using this
the blender runtime has a picture of a lock over the icon and i get an error when i try to open it

I am using gnome & Fedora Core 3
most probably you don't have the rights to run it. make sure you have basic rights (r_x) and that you copied the blender bin in the environment test (a up to date blender directory) if not just download it from the 2rd link of the first post. then copy your blender bin in it.
Also if you try to start it on a separate partition, make sure you mounted it with the exec option. though on fedora you shouldn't care about that if you did the default install.

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 2:18 am
by fonz2591
Got it to work

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 6:09 pm
by kxs
I think that new manipulators look best with rt 5. Easy to operate and look nice.
Edge length, Edge Angles and Face Area are great! But is there any chance for shortcut for at least Edge Length?

P.s. And speaking about shortcuts: It would be great if Ctrl+Tab for Select Mode worked like Alt+Tab in KDE/Windows. Modeling would be much aesier if I could use scroll Vertices->Edges->Faces with Ctrl+Tab. You know what I mean? If once pressed, Ctrl+Tab switches to next selection (for example Vertices->Edges). But if you`re still holding Ctrl, you can toggle choices with Tab. Think about it :D