2.37 RC2 Windows Test build please

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2.37 RC2 Windows Test build please

Post by kisolre »

Can somebody compile and post recent Windows build please.

In 23.05.2005 windows build there was an error with linked meshes and materials. I posted it in bug tracker and soon Ton fixed it. But there is not any recent build that I could test to see if that is Ok. I tryed to make my own build with VS .Net 2003 but that particular error was still there (with CVS after the fix ofcource). Today (31.05.2005 16:30) I updated my CVS and saw that there is 2.37 splash screen already and release log (still empty). I made a complete rebuild (I Have my own 2.37 now :D ) and that err is still there. Can we have atleast RC2 Windows before oficial release? Compiled from where the oficial release will come?

Here is error description again:

1. Create new file, change cube material color to something (Red for example) and save file as File1.blend.
2. Create new file append linked, relative path Red material from File1.blend, set cube material to it and save as File2.blend.
3. Create new file, append linked, relative path cube mesh from File2.blend and exchange mesh of default cube with newly appended mesh. Save as File3.blend.

Now the problems begin :( Try to click at material color under Editing pane - you can change it's color and render it that way. Try to reopen File3.blend - mesh is not visible. Only vertices. Click at material color - crash. Try to go to material pane - crash....

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Post by jesterKing »

Please do not start a new thread if you don't have a testing build to offer. Requests for new(er) builds can go in the most recent build thread.