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bf-Blender / Windows (2005/07/16)

Post by gabio »

Hello, took a week off, hope you don't mind ;). Now the new stuff. As usual, read log carefully before submiting bugreport.
There is a lot of work behind the scene. Some entry in the cvs that is not worth mentionning to users is not copied here.
Build with MSVC 7.1
ho and did I say the changes are really huge?
Relevant feature:
-3D view orbit option: Around Active
-Image Memory Grabage Collection(speedup)
-Pose-constraint Ipos now are integrated in NLA.
-"Auto" handles now have option to remain horizontal
-The dead of IKA. ( IKA is no more functionnal )
-Armature editmode/posemode now react correctly to HOME or Numpad-DOT
-Hide .file blocks in databrowse/pop menu.
-bones get drawn solid too now
-PoseMode armature has ThemeColor for selection
-Subdivision/Loop Tools Recode Commit #1 (new stuff!!!)
-bpyton: Mathutils update & rewrite.
-Solid draw mode now displays materials with Alpha
-Re-ordered Object Buttons -> "Draw" panel
-XRAY draw for armatures now is generic "Draw Extra" option for any Object type
-BPY Support for Deform Parenting and Vertex Parenting
-Added Bullet library.(ge physic engine)
-The B-Bones! (and now you'll have to try 'cause I really don't know what is this)

Merging error... rotating bones in pose-mode, with an action inserted
accidentally flushed recalc of Pose. So it popped back to the action state,
preventing editing new keypositions.

Action constraint works again. Needs revision though... do that with
testfiles i get from Bassam. :)

Further removed old code that was ifdeffed hanging around still.

Added some missing quaternions fonctions:

QuatMulVecf Multiplies vector (3-float) by quaternion (rotation). Assumes it recieves a unit quaternion
QuatConj Quaternion conjugate
QuatInv Quaternion inverse (does not assume a unit quat)
QuatMulf Quaternion multiplication with scalar
QuatDot Quaternion dot product
printquat debug print function

3D view orbit option: Around Active
This fixes the active object in place when orbiting the view.
Choppy 15fps demo can be seen there:

Image Memory Grabage Collection
This adds memory handling to the image code. An image is tagged each time it is used.
During a collection cycle (frequency of cycles is user defined), if an image is older
than a user defined limit, its buffer gets deallocated. This also applies to gl memory buffers.
Images that are loading in GL memory needs to go through two time outs before being fully deallocated: the first time out deallocated the gl memorry, the second the buffer in ram.

Image buffer loaded from python gets tagged as permanent upon load. That tag is removed when python stops using the image.
I might have missed some tagging spots, especially in the rendering pipeline. Someone with more knowledge about this code should check to be careful.
Tagging is done on every access, for rendering, this will probably be a performance hit. A scheme should be developped to only tag when the rendering is completed.
Collecting is called in draw_object, most likely not the best place to do it.
Safe from undo, since using undo deallocates memory anyway (like when loading a blend file with one currently opened)

Userpref DNA changes:
I've changed a couple of flagging variables from short to int. Some because they needed more space, others to keep SDNA happy.

Info window changes:
I've grouped a couple of buttons in aligned blocks and changed the color of mutually exclusive options to make them clearer.
Matt didn't do any changes on that in tuhopuu, so hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's feet with this.

Also changed double constants into floats with f in a couple of places (mostly space.c) to make compiler happier.

Pressing ESC on armature posemode now restores position correctly again.

Two small fixes;

- ALT+R clear rotation on PoseMode didn't work when an Action was assigned
- 'Delete object' didn't set object pointers to NULL for Armature/Pose
constraints (old bug)

Two little bugs showing up in workshop;

- update_for_new_frame() (on frame advance, alt+a) crashed when no 3d view
was opened ever (NULL pointer)
- using proportional mode on Curve editing wrote beyond end of a malloced
block. Just a minus one needed here...

- Fix for action constraints; for Bone targets (target is input bone
actually) only the relative rotation is used.

- Added scale=1.0 initializer in saving files, this fixes a little bit
better upward compatibility

- Still there are cases where bones flip 180 degrees when you read it with
older Blenders... not sure what it is caused by

Armature drawing fixes;

- Dashed line to parent bone was drawn to wrong bone in Rest Position
- Dashed line had selection color of parent, not of own bone.

Armatures; the bones menu used for "Make Parent" (CTRL+P) used wrong
indices still.
Cleaned the code, moved to editobject.c

- fix what appeared to be obvious bug, "if (fclose) fclose(file)" ->
"if (file) fclose(file)", Text3d.c owner should check.

New! Pose-constraint Ipos now are integrated in NLA. ALso cleaned up the
weird disabled code that was hanging out there for ages.

Also cleaned up NLA blending itself, it was copying far too much data
around. Should be three times faster or so... need good test!

And restored Action Baking.


- IK constraint now uses Ipo from action again
- Bug in last commit; the object action was ignored... did NLA always


- when there are edges in mesh, it now only copies selection in edges
when you have selectmode edge

Bugfix #2803

Transparent shadow could accidentally intersect first with a face being
farther away, due to the fact larger faces can fill up multiple octree
nodes. Had to use the same exception handling as for raytracing mirror or

Bugfix #2797

Editmesh SHIFT+F "Fill" used an unsigned char to count amount of selected
edges linking to vertices, but also subtracted... causing the char to
become 255. Gave crashes (or infinite loops) when using "Fill" on random
input of solid meshes.

Bugfix #2791

Apply deform without object active crashed (only when using pulldowns)

Bug fix #2790

Pressing Wkey with no object active crashed.

Switching scenes in the editor now correctly exits all modes, it didn't do
vertex/weight/texture paint yet.

Duplicating armatures didn't give proper re-build pose signal.

Bug fix #2774

Using linked library files with relative paths, didn't set the correct
relative root... so it only worked with files in the same directory.
ALso fixed the button-lock in material buttons, it didn't allow to see
which materials were linked to the mesh/object.

For long on the wanna-have list;

Ipocurves with "Auto" handles now have option to remain horizontal on the
extrema (tops & valleys). Use ALT+H to set this per selected curve.
Note this is a per-curve feature, not per-handle.

If it works satisfying I can check on making this the default new added

Fix for Bug #2793.

A really dumb coding error that I made when I coded this. left out brackets around an if block.

Scripts updated:
- Jean-Michel Soler: paths import -- ai and svg modules;
- Jean-Baptiste PERIN: bvh to armatures (note: should not work until we re-wrap armatures in bpython);
- Campbell Barton: obj importer.

Thanks guys, excuse me the delay.

- tiny doc update.

MetaBall editmode didn't send the DAG recalc event while transformed. :)
Meaning, it didn't do polygonizing while moving elements in edit mode.

Cleaned up the old call to do_all_actions(). It only is supposed to do
a single object, but was still called outside of that scope. Caused crashes
for example when editing Ipo curves of action keys.

editaction.c and editnla.c still need to be tackled...

More cleanup: removed do_all_actions() from the src/ tree, replaced with
proper recalc events. Now action-curve editing updates as it should be.

Bug fix #2772

EditMesh undo didn't restore vertex colors! That slipped our attention for
almost a year... :)

Bugfix for #2768

Starting a Bake for SoftBody didn't initialize the animation system for the
first frame correctly, causing an initial unwanted softbody effect.

Bug fix #2763

Depgraph missed proper relation from one armature bone to another armature
bone. Interesting rig setup for facial animation by Malefico! :) ... 9&atid=125

This commit fixes radiosity to correctly preserve and subdivide UV

Known problem: Pin status bleeds a bit, so new subdivided UVs around
points that were original pinned can end up pinned in the end. Could be
fixed, or could just drop pinned status entirely.

Also, when gathering meshes, it doesn't add materials twice, so it's harder to bust the 16 materials limit.

Bug fix #2762

Quite harmless, but was lazy code...
When you choosed "Vertex Color Paint" material, the init_render_material()
also set the "Vertex color Light" option, because that flag was checked on
during render to detect vertex colors.
Now it has proper checks in render code.

Boundbox select object mode optimisation.

Changed selectprojektie (and renamed to view3d_opengl_select as suggested by Ton) to accept a buffer size, so boundbox can adapt it's buffer size to the number of object in scene.
Also, the loop is done more smartly, since glSelect fills the buffer in the same order as the drawing order, so we save lops of looping on unselected object (which used to go through all the buffer before finding that they weren't selected).

This scheme could probably be applied to all the other loops using glSelect. (good project for newbie coders)

Fix for bug #2747

Knife cut in edge selection mode can cause crashes, since it uses subdivide
which isn't edge-select aware yet.
Quickly patched it by making knife checking on vertex selection.

Johnny: undo this change when you add the new subdiv code, good test for if
it works as well! :)

SLightly altered rule for the new IpoCurve option "Keep horizontal on
extrema". It now also keeps auto-handles horizontal when the Y coordinate
is exactly identical.

And; made this option default on inserting new curve/keys.

Corrected the Armature option "Delay deform", which doesn't update its
children during transform... to make it work, had to trick the nice
depgraph code... <sob> :)

Fix: Prevented depgraph to execute do_all_actions when you paste a poste.

New: Armature editmode/posemode now react correctly to HOME or Numpad-DOT
for viewing all or only selection nicely centered.

Fix: Poses without NLA or Action were reset to restposition on file read
or exit editmode.

- Object buttons, Hooks panel, clear offset didn't redraw correct
- Particle panel was drawing in wrong size

My Radiosity commit had some code from my base list ordering experiement. (It wasn't removed because it didn't use the macros)
Caused radio to often say "no vertices" when that was obviously untrue.

Hide .file blocks in databrowse/pop menu.
This is mainly useful for scripts that generate/load datablocks for their own use and don't want to burry the user under an avalanche of datablocks he/she doesn't care about.

This adds a user pref "Hide .data" which now acts as a default value when opening a new fileselector.
It is also used when creating data select pop menus.

The "ghost" button in a fileselect window is independant from the userpref. It can be turned on/off individually without affecting

Note: When turning the option on/off, it sometimes take a couple of times before the pop menu registers it. Probably some caching thing. Will have to look at it.

Default value is Off.

The hide .data code didn't work correctly when databrowse is used to return something (when selecting a datablock, not just browsing).
It only counted visible blocks, but to get a valid index, it has to count invisible ones too.


Cleanup of Armature 3d drawing.

- In Solid drawmode, bones get drawn solid too now. Including Outline-
selection color, if that's set.
Disable it by setting Object-buttons "drawtype" for the Armature.
Color used for solid bones is in Theme editor.
- EditMode armature now follows (Mesh edit) theme colors (Vertex, Edge)
- PoseMode armature has ThemeColor for selection, and draws three extra
colors now;
- blue shade for bones with action Ipos
- yellow for bones with IK
- green for bones with a constraint
- "X ray" now only works for PoseMode... needs review, can be done better
- "Draw Names" option uses theme color too, also indicates selection.


- In Armature EditMode, the deformed Mesh goes to rest-position
- Border select didn't clear 'active' flag in Bones in PoseMode
- Mouse-click select didn't work when a dashed line was close to Bone

Constraint "influence" slider didn't work once there was an ipo assigned
once. Variable got initialized too often. :)

Oh! Here's a nice webpage about the previous commit: ... 629.0.html

Fix "Replace Meshes" in radiosity to actually only replace Meshes, and not
also delete lamps, cameras and anything else that was selected in the
"Collect Meshes" phase.

Two little bugskis;

- Solid armature drawing didn't do well for negative scaled armatures
- Layer Ipos were not evaluated for invisible objects (there goes another
exception bypassing dependency...!)

Couple of small fixes;

- cleaned up 'version correction' a bit. There was code slowing down
current files even (armatures were evaluated all, even when not in
current layer, was added to make sure they get converted OK).
Send me old files that crash now! :)
- on reading older files with path-constraints, a fix had to be added.
- error "badd call to addqueue' found when using header-less window for

Another old bug bites the dust! Actually the error was simple... but
thanks to depgraph it executes nicely now. :)

#bug 2397: frame-duplicator using Constraint not evaluated.

Well here it is. Subdivision/Loop Tools Recode Commit #1

Ton has been pushing me to get this in and finish it up with help, so here is a run down of the commit

Revised Features
Subdivide now is Edge based, allows for multicut
Loopcut was recoded, now has multi option
Knife tool now has multi option

New Features
Edgering select

Removed Features
Alt-B Edgeloop selection (use alt-RMB in edgemode)
Shift-R Faceloop selection (use alt-RMB in facemode)
Old Subdivide (Except for smooth which is left in until new one works)

Subdivide Smooth Math is broken - could use some help here (look for alter_co in editmesh_tools.c)
Tweak mouse control of Edgeslide is hackish ATM
Add Non-proportional movement to edgeslide
Add smooth option to new loopcut

I probably left something out.

See here for more info ... ubdivision

A warning cleanup from the last commit. Added some explicit casts. Should just be double to float warnings left here now. Will do more later

Also made edgeslide move a little faster for the time being.

If loopcut was cancelled, the screen was not refreshed to get rid of the last preview line.

Thanks to Desoto for reporting.

Armature "XRay mode" now draws nicely with solid too. For it to work, I
had to add a new feature to the 3d window, to collect "after draw" objects,
which get drawn as last, after a clear of the zbuffer.

Same method can be used for nice OpenGL transparent draw, the system is
ready for it, do that later.

The huge commit is caused by cleaning up globals from struct Global. Many
variables were unused or just not needed anymore. Did that to move the ugly
G.zbuf to where it belongs, in the View3D space struct. :)

Three fixes;

- Armature editmode, while armature was deforming children, was very slow
because it kept making subsurfs... this goes still hackish :)
- CTRL+A on armatures used loadsa old code, removed all of it! Still works.
- Using "Set smooth" or "Set solid" on file loaded without 3d window

A few additions/changes suggested by Chris Burt

1. Return and PADENTER confirm loopcut and edgeslide
2. When choosing loop to cut in loopcut, can use numeric entry for number of cuts (less than 130)
3. Number of Cuts in loopcut printed in header

Mathutils update
- also included is some fixes for preprocessor inclues and some clean up of the previous commit

-rewrite and bugfixes
Here's my changelog:
-fixed Rand() so that it doesn't seed everytime and should generate better random numbers
- changed a few error return types to something more appropriate
- clean up of uninitialized variables & removal of unneccessary objects
- NMesh returns wrapped vectors now
- World returns wrapped matrices now
- Object.getEuler() and Object.getBoundingBox() return Wrapped data when data is present
- Object.getMatrix() returns wrapped data if it's worldspace, 'localspace' returns a new matrix
- Vector, Euler, Mat, Quat, call all now internally wrap object without destroying internal datablocks
- Removed memory allocation (unneeded) from all methods
- Vector's resize methods are only applicable to new vectors not wrapped data.
- Matrix(), Quat(), Euler(), Vector() now accepts ANY sequence list, including tuples, list, or a self object to copy - matrices accept multiple sequences
- Fixed Slerp() so that it now works correctly values are clamped between 0 and 1
- Euler.rotate does internal rotation now
- Slice assignment now works better for all types
- Vector * Vector and Quat * Quat are defined and return the DOT product
- Mat * Vec and Vec * Mat are defined now
- Moved #includes to .c file from headers. Also fixed prototypes in mathutils
- Added new helper functions for incref'ing to genutils
- Major cleanup of header files includes - include Mathutils.h for access to math types
- matrix.toQuat() and .toEuler() now fixed take appropriate matrix sizes
- Matrix() with no parameters now returns an identity matrix by default not a zero matrix
- printf() now prints with 6 digits instead of 4
- printf() now prints output with object descriptor
- Matrices now support [x][y] assignment (e.g. matrix[x][y] = 5.4)
- Matrix[index] = value now expectes a sequence not an integer. This will now set a ROW of the matrix through a sequence. index cannot go above the row size of the matrix.
- slice operations on matrices work with sequences now (rows of the matrix) example: mymatrix[0:2] returns a list of 2 wrapped vectors with access to the matrix data.
- slice assignment will no longer modify the data if the assignment operation fails
- fixed error in matrix * scalar multiplication
- euler.toMatrix(), toQuat() no longer causes "creep" from repeated use
- Wrapped data will generate wrapped objects when toEuler(), toQuat(), toMatrix() is used
- Quats can be created with angle/axis, axis/angle
- 4x4 matrices can be multiplied by 3D vectors (by popular demand :))
- vec *quat / quat * vec is now defined
- vec.magnitude alias for vec.length
- all self, internal methods return a pointer to self now so you can do print vector.internalmethod() or vector.internalmethod().nextmethod() (no more print matrix.inverse() returning 'none')
- these methods have been deprecated (still functioning but suggested to use the corrected functionality):
* CopyVec() - replaced by Vector() functionality
* CopyMat() - replaced by Matrix() functionality
* CopyQuat() - replace by Quaternion() functionality
* CopyEuler() - replaced by Euler() functionality
* RotateEuler() - replaced by Euler.rotate() funtionality
* MatMultVec() - replaced by matrix * vector
* VecMultMat() - replaced by vector * matrix
- New struct containers references to python object data or internally allocated blender data for wrapping
* Explaination here: math structs now function as a 'simple wrapper' or a 'py_object' - data that is created on the fly will now be a 'py_object' with its memory managed by python
* otherwise if the data is returned by blender's G.main then the math object is a 'simple wrapper' and data can be accessed directly from the struct just like other python objects.

Databrowse needed new code to handle the hide dot file correctly.
Added a comment explaining what and why.

Also added a couple of explicit cast to make compiler whine less (double to float mostly).


- XRAY draw for armatures now is generic "Draw Extra" option for any
Object type. This feature just moves drawing to the end, after clearing
the zbuffer again.
- Solid draw mode now displays materials with Alpha, with the new
"Draw extra" option "Transp" set. This also moves drawing transparent to
the end, but it doesn't sort the transparent faces. Still looks OK.
Note: this is not enabled in mesh editmode. Here all the fancy extra
drawing just makes it nearly impossible to do OK.
- Re-ordered Object Buttons -> "Draw" panel


- do_versions had check for the UserDef in it (new ogl texture cache).
that can't be there, should be in usiblender.c (stupid exception).
- same error caused reading older files to not always fix version
changes on armatures (commit yesterday).
- Outline select drawing happened also on picking-select draw, needless

Fix for a *very* nasty bug... somewhere in the ancient past - I tracked it
back to 1.4 - comparing pointers apparently gave warnings or errors... I
don't really have a memory of that. Could be the Irix compiler.

What it was used for is sorting edges in arrays or hash lists, like:

if( ((long)v1) > ((long)v2) )

long is defined to be pointer size, so that should work 32/64 bits, where
it not that the long cast makes the value SIGNED! :)

Ken Hughes discovered this... noting that when his system uses a calloc, the
returned pointer had an uncommon address making the long negative.
It was a very hard bug to track, since (apparently) most OS's have an address
space being still in the lower part of an long...

Anyhoo; I have removed a couple of (long) casts from pointer comparing now,
need to get compile feedback if that's compliant for all our OS's.
If so, quite a lot of such hacks have to be removed from our code, or make
them casting to an unsigned long...

This has been confirmed to fix bugs #2709 and #2710. Thanks Ken!

Bugfix for #2826

Initialize shadow buffer lamp accidentally altered the ob->obmat for the
lamp. Never showed up before until now (depgraph).

Bug fix #2799

Sequence effect "gamma cross" didn't work since 2.36. Caused by not
initialized gamma tables...

Bug reported by Guillaume LeCocq

Setting both 'xray' and 'transp' did not work proper. Had to add one
extra check, and switch drawing order. Now a transparent object gets
drawn OK as Xray too. :)

Armatures now draw bone names over solid.

- change subsurf_make_derived_from_editmesh to check that subdivision
levels match before proceeding with incremental (need to build new
subdivision object if levels have changed)

Adding CTRL stepping for Edgeslide. Mouse control is still not finished here, this is just a temporary fix until it can be done right.

- incremental subsurf calc in mesh_changed didn't actually make sure
mesh used subsurf before calc (led to crash when subdiv==0). Woops!

Appending armature crashed... nasty stuff, but works again :)

BPY Support for Deform Parenting and Vertex Parenting

This adds two new method to the BPY Object type:
- makeParentDeform
- makeParentVertex

Both are based on makeParent. In fact, I splitted off the parenting
part of makeParent into an internal function so that all can reuse it. I
also added DEP_graph refresh flag that where missing.

makeParentDeform sets the parent type accordingly for correct
deformation (armature and curve) and checks if the parent and childs are of the
correct type for deformation.

makeParentVertex takes as additional mandatory argument a tuple of
indices to tell the parent which vertex to use. It does some object type
checking too.

Also included documentation. :)

Test file is in the patch there: ... group_id=9

Note to Ton: When doing vertex parenting, the dashed parent line is only updated correctly if the objects are on screen when calling the function. If they aren't, the line is wrong and is only corrected when another recalc is called on the parent or child.

Part #1 of the fix for UV colors in new subdivide code

UV colors on Tri's should go right now when subdivivded,
for Quads, 3 of the for points should be right. Still working on the 4th.

Part #2 to vert color fix in new subdivide, Please check UV and Vertcolor with new subdivide.

Was checking for a condition < 0 should have been > 1

Fix radiosity "Collect Meshes" to ignore TFaces set to "Invisible".

I hope this doesn't break anything - works fine here.

Added type for Bullet collision detection and physics engine.
This will improve collision detection and physics for the game engine (Ketsji).
Bullet uses optionally uses the ODE quickstep solver.

Hope this commit doesn't break everything.

More armature goodies;

The B-Bones!
(where the B can be read as 'block' or 'bezier' or 'b-spline')

- set option on/off in edit buttons, armature panel
- scaling of B-bones only works in editmode, use ALT+S to make bones fatter
or thinner. Also works for constrainted transform
- In pose mode, you now have a buttons panel with per-bone settings too
Here you can find the "segments" button, which allows bones to
interpolate between previous/next bones, including roll.
- Buttons to control interpolation ("In" and "Out" are disabled, doesn't
work satisfying yet

NOTE: this doesn't give deform yet! Main purpose for now is to test if this
drawing method serves to animate/pose armatures well.
Still need to review proper interpolation methods... maybe bezier is too

preparation for bullet physics

A new build is available
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Post by kencanvey »

Whew a War & Peace of changes, :D
Thanks for the build


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Post by poutsa »

That´s Looks GREAT!!!! -B-Bones,Subdiv,Tranparent Meshes View in 3D Window! Draw modes for Armature-Bones.....! new Physics Bullet in GE! and many more Great new Features! Thats Amazing!

Thank you for this Build Gabio!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by lucky3 »

Thank you for this build!
Option to remain auto handles horizontal is very useful, i haven't to do this by hand anymore!
Subidivsion recode should make things faster either.
B-bones look promising!

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Post by fobsta »

Bullet game engine physics doesn't seem to do anything?

It works fine in Erwins builds.

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Re: bf-Blender / Windows (2005/07/16)

Post by kidb »

gabio wrote: kidb: can you move the file under /windows, totally forgot again :x
Done. Stupid question: are these "pure" cvs builds ?

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Re: bf-Blender / Windows (2005/07/16)

Post by gabio »

kidb wrote:
gabio wrote: kidb: can you move the file under /windows, totally forgot again :x
Done. Stupid question: are these "pure" cvs builds ?
Always, I try to remain as official as possible.

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Post by ZanQdo »

A mirror: ...

Thanks for the build, is great!

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Post by seth7777 »

Wow, is fantastic this solids armatures and the B-bones!!!
Thanks Gabio!!!
I know that isn't the best place, but... :oops:
Is possible add a option to render this bones? That can be very useful to fast composing studies :lol:

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Post by bleen »

very cool!
i like the new edge-features! i hope there will be a edge-remove-feature like in the old tuhopuu-versions...
keep it up, thx!!!

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Re: bf-Blender / Windows (2005/07/16)

Post by kidb »

gabio wrote:
kidb wrote:
gabio wrote: kidb: can you move the file under /windows, totally forgot again :x
Done. Stupid question: are these "pure" cvs builds ?
Always, I try to remain as official as possible.
There are nightly cvs-builds for linux-i386 here: ... VS_Builds/

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Post by gabio »

seth7777 wrote:Wow, is fantastic this solids armatures and the B-bones!!!
Thanks Gabio!!!
I know that isn't the best place, but... :oops:
Is possible add a option to render this bones? That can be very useful to fast composing studies :lol:
Well you can playbast it, using the last button in the header. You can also render a 3dview and saving it by doing ctrl-alt-F3 when the mouse is in this 3dview.

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Re: bf-Blender / Windows (2005/07/16)

Post by joeri »

gabio wrote:Hello, took a week off, hope you don't mind
Only a week? Holy cow. I'm going for at least 3~

btw. Expect many more additions, all thanks to project orange.

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Post by kitsu »

I might have missed something in the log, but subdivided b-bones are acting wierd when rotated in pose mode. I created an armature with a few segments and turned on b-bones, entered pose mode, selected a bone and raised its subdivision to 3. When I rotate the bone now the first segment rotates correctly, the last two don't. The last two segments are rotating around the point where the first segment originally ended, and they are separating as they go.

BTW the solid drawing is very nice, and the ability to select whole bones in edit mode is great.

I know it is a little early for feature requests but here are a couple anyway.

First, when you create an armature you enter this neat auto-extrude mode, but using the spacebar menu to get there my mouse cursor usually ends up too close to the edge of the window. It would be nicer if the mouse cursor was hidden and the tip of the bone was moved according to how far the mouse moved (like every action in Wings3d).

Second, extruding bones is kind of a hastle. every time you hit 'e' Blender asks you if you really want to extrude. A ctrl-lmb extrude would be a good workflow improvement.

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Here's long promised docs:

Dependency graph:

Armatures: ... 634.0.html

Armature drawing types: ... 629.0.html

Upcoming docs will be about further design steps for the animation recode... also based on the discussions online (past year) and the Orange team wishlist. :)

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