Bf-Blender / Linux (2005-8-28) with envelopes and IK

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by -efbie- »

a lot every morning... :wink:
If you want to use that testing build, you need libpng3, not libpng10, neither libpng12

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Post by popski »

Sorry -efbie-, my linear logic told me that is 12 > 3. :roll: Thank you!
I don't like Blender, oh no, I love it! :D

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Not finding libpng3

Post by pamtango »

I've looked in various Blender pages, used its search functions and looked at the CVS files and not found this library. Could a kindly soul lead me by the hand/links to get the libraries needed for this build.
PamTango :oops:

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