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bf-Blender / Windows (2005/07/21)

Post by gabio »

Here we are again, get you copy asap, it's blender 2.38 ;)
Most of zuster's commit isn't in there as it's mostly internal stuff. I had to say it, He's working very hard.
Builded with MSVC 7.1
Relevant Feature:
-New: B-Bones now support adjusting the 'handle length'
-TexMesh (texcomesh) works with subsurf now
-Add Armature or Bone (SHIFT+A) now adds by default a single Bone
-CTRL+click to add Bones
-Beauty button now is Beauty and Short.
-New feature: Modifier stack.
-removed old Build effect, old files convert to new style on load
-"couldn't help myself, added a randomize feature to build effect" zuster
-Added new modifier type: Mirror.
-Incremental Subsurf in Object Mode
-This is now blender 2.38!? (sorry, no splash for now)

- The "in" and "out" interpolation values for B-Bones were not copied to
and from editmode Armature

- Altered 'axismat' for PoseMode bone transform. Fix for bug #2769, bone
rotations using hotkey-constraints (R, Y, Y) didn't work well.

New: B-Bones now support adjusting the 'handle length', with the values
"In" and "Out" in the new posemode Panel, editing buttons. ... 629.0.html

Fix in image.c: just an unitialized variable.

Bugfix #2836

Crash in Vertex-duplicator when there's an empty Mesh. Simply added check
for dm pointer. :)

Fix: outliner crash on deleting bones in editmode

Further cleaned up editmesh code to be warning free and to have a little
nicer style :)

Wire selecting in Armature editmode accidentally broke. :)

- back out ton's vertex_duplilist "fix"

Three fixes, thanks to irc reporting of Basse & Sten;

- Bone points for B-Bone drawing were not adjusted for size of Bone, now
they draw same size as for other bone type
- Deleting bones in editmode didn't check for constraints in Pose, causing
weird collapsed poses or even crashes
- ALT+S scaling on B-Bones in editmode didn't correct for the Object scale.

More fixes thanks to irc testing;

- On exit editmode and after deleting bones, a pointer in PoseChannels
was not set NULL correctly, causing potential crashes.
- Action Window: select on 'ipo key' (little icon) didn't select/deselect
the associated bone (old bug!)
- After unlinking an Action, the blue color in bones was not cleared


- Improved selection in editmode, doing it in 2 stages. Makes it a lot more

Third attempt to fix crash on leave editmode + delete loadsa bones! :)

Now certain pointers get cleared better, prevent reading freed data...

more preparations for bullet physics, and some eol issues with SCA_Joystick*

Made action constraints to become backwards compatible. In the old version
it used the 'global' (Pose Space) rotation to define the action timing.
That was of course hardly useful, reason for many weird patched rigs.
Nevertheless, sometimes it can be useful, and it's nice to see old files
nicely work still. So: "Local" is an option now.

Note: if you changed last week files because of the new action constraint,
set the new "Local" option in the object-buttons Constraint panel.

- added boundbox_set_from_min_max function
- fix DerivedMesh.getMinMax implementations to set min & max when
there are no vertices
- mesh boundbox calc was wrong in some cases, messed up HOMEKEY
and localview zooming

[ #2423 ] Object.getParentSubName
- this is a submitted patch by lordbosh
- adds to ability to get the bone name when and object is parented to a bone

Two small fixes (armatures);

- adding relations to pose-constraints should call DAG on the pose
- prevented constraints to break "IK" chains

- added DerivedMesh.getVertCos function and implementations
- added mesh_create_derived_no_deform[_render]
- mesh_create_orco now always goes through a DerivedMesh, some
redundant copying atm but can be fixed (and orco generation is
not a big bottleneck)

New feature: TexMesh (texcomesh) works with subsurf now (are
you listening rob?)

Bugfix: clear rotation on Pose bone didn't flush changes to DAG

Fix for previous commit today; found other test file with action
constraint that behaved different... found out the old action constraint
used the deform matrix (from restpos to pose) to define the key.

ALso removed unused function from outliner.c

Fix for bug #2848 This flushes selection upward in subdivide based on select mode. So faces with all edges selected should now be selected as well.

Bug fix; pose mode transform didn't count # of selected bones correctly,
skipping selected bones with parent but without "IK to Parent"

1) Removed old annoyance in adding armature or bones.

- Add Armature or Bone (SHIFT+A) now adds by default a single Bone, view
aligned and of unit-size 1.
- Then use E-key (extrude) to draw chains, this option now doesn't popup
the "OK" requester anymore, so works fast
- Another new method is using CTRL+click to add Bones

This makes it working identical to the other edit modes in Blender. The old
modal loop for drawing bones just wasn't working well either.

Related to this; have a real set of useful Armature primitives?

2) Removed event REMAKEALLIPO, which was added in NaN days for testing, and
proved to be extremely slow. Code is moved now to editnla.c.
Thanks Tom Hendrick to pointing to this nasty buggy feature!

Bugfix #2818

On importing a file (dxf for example), the active filename got set to the
imported filename, causing save-over to use that too. Tracked it down to
be a very old feature... better to remove this, doesn't work according

Grms... removed too happily a part of depgraph yesterday. That fix was OK,
but doesn't make the removed code obsolete :)
Error was that transform on deformed objects didn't set recalc flags

-Patch submitted by Campbell Barton
-Fixed matrix.invert() to return the correct inverse matrix

First step towards restoring / improving subdivide 'beauty'.

Beauty button now is Beauty and Short.

Works as follows

Beauty on: If a face is selected, only subdivide the longest 2 sides
Beauty & Short on: If a face is selected, only subdivide the shortest 2 sides

1 problem atm is when more than 2 sides are equal. Must add code to check for this and disable beauty on that face. Use with caution! :)

Also restoring selection needs to be tweaked here.

Side Note: for most accurate subdividing, use edge mode and select only the edges you wish to cut rather than relying on beauty.

Couple of fixes combined;

- With Actions on a Pose, ESC in transform restored wrong.
This is solved similar to ipos now, storing a 'last time evaluated'.
Could be extended to ghosting... soon.
- Moving the little yellow 'key blocks' in Action window didn't update
3d window. ALso the 'lock' option didn't work, and flashed header.
- Pose Transform: noticed there were still errors in cases, especially
with actions. Painfully tried to build the desired matrix now.
- Removed obsolete Bone pointer from TransData

__ bug fix__
- internal methods for mathutils class need to incref before returning a pointer to self
* memory allocation errors (freeing bad pointers) were appearing after repeatedly calling internal methods on the same object due to ref counts.

Fix: CTRL+Click adding bones didn't attach them to the parent!

- split {curve,lattice,armature}_deform_verts out of mesh_deform
- removed mesh_deform (merge into mesh_modifier)
- switch python lattice_apply function to use object_apply_deform,
this isn't exactly equivalent but the python system shouldn't
have been calling that deep into the kernel anyway.

New feature: Modifier stack
- added Object.modifiers (list of ModifierData elements)
- added DNA_modifier_types.h
o contains type definition for the file data for the various
modifier types
- added BKE_modifier.h
o contains modifierType_get_info (access to modifier type registry)
o structs and defines for runtime modifier usage
- updated mesh_calc_modifiers to evaluate modifier stack (note that
for the time being it also evaluates the old style modifiers so files
should load and work as normal).
- add file handling modifier code (todo: don't replicate on object copy)
- add modifier stack UI code (lives in object panel)

Only real new feature at the moment is that you can apply lattices and
curves *after* a subdivision surface which was never possible before.

- DEP graph updating does not work correctly yet, so you generally have
to tab cycle to see results.
- editmode calculation does not use modifier stack.
- bug fixes (there must be a few in there somewhere)

- fix for particle related crash in editmode. particle system calculation
is pretty haphazard at the moment, needs to be reviewed before next
release (as does duplis).

- added modifier_dependsOnTime to check if modifier needs updating
based on time change. would be nice if dep graph could handle this.
- made dep check if modifiers need update on time change
- fix render crash (access null)
- added new Build Effect modifier type. compared to old one works as
a full member of modifier system, means can apply subsurf, etc on
it, reorder, what have you. and it is all nice and self contained.
- removed old Build effect, old files convert to new style on load
- couldn't help myself, added a randomize feature to build effect
- removed Python BuildEffect support

Wow! A new feature!

- made ModifierData.isDisabled optional
- Added new modifier type: Mirror
o modifier system isn't running in editmode yet so still
don't have mirrored editing, but otherwise it is pretty
cool. code even goes to tricks to make sure mirror join
looks nice in degenerate cases.
o this kind of commit is basically the upshot of all the
previous commits - in that implementing a new modifier
changes only about 3 files and still integrates nearly

Tsk, noob mistake in intrr's radiosity commit (not collecting invisible faces).
Didn't check pointer, so it crashed if the mesh didn't have TFaces.

- changed GetRawFromObject to always return mesh name/info... this
is a behavior change from prev releases, used to be only NMesh that
were not from a subsurf would have name...

- shuffled editmesh derived function name/function
- added ModifierTypeInfo.freeData function
- added modifier_{new,free] utility function
- added ccgSubSurf_getUseAgeCounts to query info
- removed subsurf modifier faking (ME_SUBSURF flag is no
longer valid). subsurf modifier gets converted on file load
although there is obscure linked mesh situation where this
can go wrong, will fix shortly. this also means that some
places in the code that test/copy subsurf settings are broken
for the time being.
- shuffled modifier calculation to be simpler. note that
all modifiers are currently disabled in editmode (including
subsurf). don't worry, will return shortly.
- bug fix, build modifier didn't randomize meshes with only verts
- cleaned up subsurf_ccg and adapted for future editmode modifier
- added editmesh.derived{Cage,Final}, not used yet
- added SubsurfModifierData.{mCache,emCache}, will be used to cache
subsurf instead of caching in derivedmesh itself
- removed old subsurf buttons
- added do_modifiers_buttons to handle modifier events
- removed count_object counting of modifier (subsurfed) objects...
this would be nice to add back at some point but requires care.
probably requires rewrite of counting system.

New feature: Incremental Subsurf in Object Mode

The previous release introduce incremental subsurf calculation during
editmode but it was not turned on during object mode. In general it
does not make sense to have it always enabled during object mode because
it requires caching a fair amount of information about the mesh which
is a waste of memory unless the mesh is often recalculated.

However, for mesh's that have subsurfed armatures for example, or that
have other modifiers so that the mesh is essentially changing on every
frame, it makes a lot of sense to keep the subsurf'd object around and
that is what the new incremental subsurf modifier toggle is for. The
intent is that the user will enable this option for (a) a mesh that is
currently under active editing or (b) a mesh that is heavily updated
in the scene, such as a character.

I will try to write more about this feature for release, because it
has advantages and disadvantages that are not immediately obvious (the
first user reaction will be to turn it on for ever object, which is
probably not correct).

New drawmode for the Armature geeks!

It was noticed that Bones dont perform well in 'xray' drawing, for that
purpose a very minimal style would serve best.
This new option "Line" draws a solid line with bitmap circles in endings. ... 629.0.html

Or temporal pics:


- bump blender version
- warning fixes (unused vars)
- added do_lib_versions for patches that need to happen
after linking and updated some patches.

There are still issues where patches can go wrong, particularly
if an Object is linked from another file. However, this should
fix all crashes.
A new build is available
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Post by gabio »

Hey, don't get crazy because there is no more subsurf buttons or because you can't see it in editmode ;) It's wip. use the modifier stack in object buttons instead.

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Post by madman »

Thank u! :D

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Post by poutsa »

Why is the Build Fx Removed?
Will 2.38 comes without Build Fx? Or maybe with a better Build fx!!!
Why Subsurf moved to the Modifier Stack (list)? Optimal,Smooth ---Subsurf Level ------you must switch betwean Panels!???
Ah OK i read now why Its ok!!!
Why not Add Bones Automatic like in 2.37 and must Hold Ctr click??
The new Features Looks Great!!!! BBones,Lines,...Mirror Modifier and the others.....!!!!
Thanks for the Build Gabio!!!!!!

Vassilios Cagiaoglou Boucer

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Post by gabio »

Why is the Build Fx Removed?
Because if it continue like that, There will be no more effect in 2.4, btw the build is now in the modifier stack.
Why move it there? because it's sooo much better.

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Post by ElBarto »


don't know if the modifier idea is really great:
- how to use crease subsurf
- how to modify the mesh in EditMode when you can't see the subsurf mesh
- modifiers is in Object and other editing functions are at Editing - not really nice
- mirror modifier is nice but not usable for charcter modelling when the mirrored mesh is hidden in edit mode

What about changing the modifier panel more this way:

New options for merging vertices would be cool too:
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Blender Feature Proposal:

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Post by lucky3 »

don't know if the modifier idea is really great:
Remember the modifier stack is on a 'work in progress' stage, i think it'll be really useful when finished. Mirror mode is quite useful too, it allows to model a mesh without thinking of the connection between the copy and the mesh.
Crease subsurf can be still used by pressing ctrl-E.
Wait and see!

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Post by Yfkar »

The mirror modifier is great for symmetrical modelling (at least in cvs, don't know about this build), now I'll just wait for the 'optimized' viewmode to work with it. The build effect looks actually useful this time, which is nice. Kudos to all developers, you've surpassed all my expectations once again. :)

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Post by modron »

so, what is a b-bone, exactly?
<edit> bezier bone. got it!

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Post by gabio »

ElBarto wrote:Mhm,

don't know if the modifier idea is really great:
- how to use crease subsurf
- how to modify the mesh in EditMode when you can't see the subsurf mesh
- modifiers is in Object and other editing functions are at Editing - not really nice
- mirror modifier is nice but not usable for charcter modelling when the mirrored mesh is hidden in edit mode

What about changing the modifier panel more this way:

New options for merging vertices would be cool too:
Do you really think we could loose fuctionnality here?
Dev are on fire, you have no idea. Anyway this build is already deprecated. you can get an update 07/22, which work better(couldn't post, was down)

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Post by cekuhnen »

i do not understand how to use the B-bone either.


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