bf-Blender / Windows (21/08/05) without game engine

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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bf-Blender / Windows (21/08/05) without game engine

Post by lguillaume »

Hello, there is 2 functions to test and put feedback:

Log (Ton):
New feature; User definable Clipping Planes.

Press ALT+B in 3d window, draw a rect, and it becomes a clipping
volume of 4 planes. You then can rotate the view anyway you like.
Works for each 3d window individually.

Disable it with another ALT+B press.

Commit is huge because it had to change all selection code as well.
The user-clipping planes are in 'eye space', the other clipping
happens in projected 'viewport space'.

Nice to notice is that the 'x=3200' convention (to denote a coordinate
is clipped) now is a define. Define value is still a number though... but
we now can get up to screens of 12000 pixels without issues!

Known issue; here it refuses to draw the 'object centers' or Lamp icons
within the clipping region. Can't find any reason for it... however, we
might move to non-pixmaps for it anyway.

Testing might reveil numerous issues, will be standby for it.

Curious? Check this

log (zundar):
- added mesh_strip_loose_faces, works in conjunction with make_edges
to get rid of faces with MFace.v3==0
- change all Mesh's to have ->medge now. This is forced by make_edges
on readfile, and in the various exotic important routines, and on
conversion back in python.
- make python NMesh structure always have medges now (needs testing)
- with above two changes it is guarenteed that mf->v3 is never ==0
in main blender code (i.e., all MFace's are actually triangles
or quads) and so I went through and removed all the historic tests
to deal with MFace.v3==0. Equals lots of deleting, I am in heaven!
- removed MEdge edcode flag, no longer needed
- added experimental replacement for edge flag system

Still are some inconsistencies in FACESELECT mode edge drawing to
be ironed out.

NOTE: This commit adds an experimental edge flag calc system, based
on 10-seconds-of-thought algorithm by yours truly. Would appreciate
feedback on how this system works, esp compared to old one and esp
on complex or interesting models.

To Use: New system is enabled by setting G.rt to a value between
1 and 1000 (Value of 0 uses old system). Value 1000 is reserved for
"auto" edge, which is more or less identical to old system but also
makes sure that at least 10% of edges are drawn (solves errors for
super subdivided meshes). Values between 1 and 999 act as percent
(out of 1000) of edges that should be drawn, starting with "most
interesting" edges first. Please try it and comment!

zip release (2090 ko):
7zip release (1622 ko) :
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Post by Zsolt »

The clipping planes are a very useful feature! However, I can't select anything inside editmode, only in object mode. Other things, like transforms, etc, work.
About the edge drawing: interesting feature, it does select the more interesting edges, but when I enter and leave edit mode, the edges that are drawn changes every time, sometimes these edges are drawn, sometimes others.

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Post by gaiamuse »

Hi lguillaume,

I cannot parent the mesh to armature using the armature option "use to closest bone" in the last two builds, 19.08.05 and 21.08.05.

I just checked with the 13.08.05 build and I can get this to work.

Also your builds have been tested using the other files included in Gabio's 02.08.05 build if that's any help.


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