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User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by lguillaume »

poutsa wrote: Dubliframes for Metaballs (if you Parent a metaball to a Mesh and press Dubli...
If you enter and exit editmode for the metaball, the problem is corrected or not?
And please put in the bugtracker to help developpers.

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Post by poutsa »

Iguillaume wrote:
If you enter and exit editmode for the metaball, the problem is corrected or not?

No Corrected!? and I mean Dubliverts not Dubliframes

here you can find a Test Example Blend file for Download about this:

If you open this Blend file in 2.37a (Press Alt+A in 3D Window for Animation) you see the Metabals works Correct!
If you open this Blend file in this Test Build not you can see what i mean!

Vassilios Boucer

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Post by Bogey »

Thanks Iguillaume for the latest build. I havent
had time to try all the new features, but the gimp
tool from tuhopuu is a very usefull addition and
keeps getting more powerfull.

I see the old fly mode has been restored, and Im
sure people that used it for walk throughs will
be relieved. The new mode was very usefull
from a camerman\directors point of view, and
Im sure its just a case finding the optimum controls\
modifier keys. Or maybe two seperate fly modes.

While I had some succsess with the new booliens,
I get an instant crash every time, when I try to
intersect a cube with a 32 sided cylinder, scaled
in edit mode to pass through the cube. Even when
rotated slightly. I can report this to the bug tracker
if nessasary or to the soc page, when I find it. Im not
sure which Is the quickest way.

Which makes me think perhaps its time to split the bug
tracker into Official release bugs, and testing build bugs.

anyway, good stuff,
new builds allways appreciated.


ps, I will keep using it over the weekend
and keep you posted.

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Post by lguillaume »

Hello Bogey, the boolean is the old, the only difference the boolean modifier. If you can post to bugtracker, go.

For the fly mode in the previous compilation, it is a patch, the patch have to be approved to be in the official release.

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Post by SamAdam »

now, i hate to bring up maya again, but does the modifyer system work like maya's history? can, say, a boolean operation be edited after the fact?

i just don't have time to test right now.

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RVKs above number 30 not working...

Post by mthoenes »

Perhaps I missed something a while back but RVKs above 30 have not been working for some time.

The improvements in the armature system are really great - many thanks - you are making character animation in Blender fun!


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Post by zupermonkey »

Yes, you can edit modifiers after the fact.

By the way, the minigimp is great, but I can't use it because I'm using the "Left Mouse" setting from the "View & Controls" tab in the user settings.

It simply doesn't work with that set, neither the right, middle or left mouse button will put paint on the texture.

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Post by tv »

!!! PLEASE !!!

somebody get this back! or better in the official CVS!
(it was in tuhopuu builds to 15. 08. 2005) :!: :!:


(this, the minigimp and a couple of dirt photos ... ) :idea: :idea:

... you get the picture

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