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Post by lguillaume »

Koba wrote:Hi

The PyEval would get me real excited if it could obtain variables from a fully feldged Python script in the text window. Is this possible already as this would be an INCREDIBLE way for lazy people to generate scripts quickly without knowing the API.

It would really make my day. Problem is that currently it doesn't look like the expressions after the hash are actually stored anywhere. So maybe not yet. :?

Otherwise, I really don't see the use of it. Wouldn't using a calculator next to you and typing in the values be quicker?

Hi, theeth as made the PyEval function, the url of this patch is ... 9&atid=127 I think if you have question, comment go to the patch tracker and ask.

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Post by Koba »

Thank you for that suggestion, unfortunately, I do not have an account to submit a comment. I may create one later.

Maybe I'm just hoping that theeth has an eye on this thread. :wink:

I just think that the idea of scripting directly into the interface is a very exciting one.


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Post by Toon_Scheur »

When I try to open funkyhair.blend, Blender crashes

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Post by lguillaume »

Toon_Scheur wrote:When I try to open funkyhair.blend, Blender crashes
Like I say in first page, the problem is in the particle patch, normally corrected now, Jahka make a very great works.

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Post by cekuhnen »

maybe some coders will kill me know but as with javascript i think sometimes a simple visual script editor might help newbies to get started with python in blender. i know about some basic javascript apps which were even written in JS.


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Post by crsrma »

Regarding the new hair/static particle stuff: Very cool, but could it be possible to set a specific unit width as opposed to it being fixed to 1 pixel?

It doesn't look quite right when there's variable (animated) distance between the camera & the hairy object, especially when extremely close.

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Post by djfuego »

At last... Animatable hair ..Way to go!!!

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