bf-Blender / Windows (2005/10/27) + Patch

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bf-Blender / Windows (2005/10/27) + Patch

Post by lguillaume »

Hello new builds python 2.4 bullet and sumo game engine:
From Jahka particle and explode modifier
From Vidar Madsen (vidarino) Fix for static particle animation, this is a great patch, it enables recalculate on render for static particle, so if you have a static particle, with around a vortex field, wind, ... it recalculate the particle for the render, looks his sample :

And a tiny patch I made for a french user who wants to have boundbox drawtype, when he rotates the view, move an object, ... because he has many many vertices. There is a new button in View&controls parameters.
This patch will never be in blender but I want to show the works I made for this.

Log in CVS
ton wrote:Bugfix (based on user mailing me): In editmode, "remove doubles" crashes
when it uses subsurf display. Was missing a DAG update.
broken wrote:The handy Shift Space for maximise a window space
wasn't being too handy in the text editor, so I've disabled
it here now.
guitargeek wrote:Fix for Bug #3217

Just needed to mark a few more edges.
ton wrote:Bugix #3200

DAG_object_flush_update() always used scene layers, causing updates to go
wrong with 3d windows with "Lock" off (allowing local layer and camera).

This fixes a larger amount of potential issues.

Also: fixed menu title for adding IK constraint to Bone (CTRL+I).
ton wrote:Bugfix #3210

Included a patch by Pablo Marrol! selecting with ALT+CTRL combos
didnt check if there was actually a Mesh in editmode.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3238

ALT+C on mesh without modifier crashed.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3242

Ipo WIndow, "Make single user" button crashed. Forgot to recode 2 weeks ago
elubie wrote:Fix for correct handling of relative filenames.
Now relative filenames that are not below the .blend file
in the directory hierarchy can be used.

The relative filenames are not updated if the blend file
is moved to another dir or saved into another dir (save as)
We will rely on the smartness of the users for this.

my first official commit - thanks Ton!
bjornmose wrote:cleaning up
- removed euler branch in favor for a 'better solver to come'
- removed some debug vars from lattices
- removed some garbage related to 'borrowing' collision from particles
note SB collision is completly decoupled from particle stuff to allow
: 1. SB collision targets can be 'anything evaluated by modifier stack' but won't be subsurfed (for performace reasons / possible though / see comment in code)
: 2. SB <-> SB collisions
: 3. ( 1. implies that SB collision targets may be animated, hooked, curve deformed , .. ! )
blendix wrote:More bugfixing related to #3149:
Drawing of rotation limits and IK solving was wrong with pose mode
bone offsets.

Also added proper modifier stack update after uv unwrap and lscm.
khughes wrote:-Bugfix #3254: Ipo.addCurve() didn't check if curve already existed before
creating (reported by Toni)
eeshlo wrote:fix for bug #3193, winmat was not calculated properly because of
some previously uninitialized parameters.
ton wrote:Subdivide recode assistance!

- Added subdivide sck upport for vertex groups
- Brought back subdivide-smooth, but it doesn't work as good as before yet,
it used to catch an exception for subdividing the middle vertex of a quad,
with edge-based subdivide it's not that simple. Will check later.
- made "number of cuts" a static variable, so it doesn't jump back to 2
all the time

Coder level notes:

- removed the old subdivide code (yay, over 30k code less!)
- did some minor layout cleanups in the new code (just consistant syntax)
- removed redundant code parts, to enable smooth & vgroup subdiv
- subdivide smooth can do multiple cuts too, but i like to see that only
as option when our smooth formula is good!


I think Johnny really made comprehensible design and nice code here. Was a
joy to work with. :)
ton wrote:First commit, for test, for using Library files for synchronizing partial
data. This functionality is going to be in Outliner, for now only use
for testing while consulting me. :)

Usage: New option in SHIFT+F1 append window, "Sync Pose". When pressed, you
can append/load an *Object* of type Armature, this then replaces its
Armature and Pose with the selected Objects. After that it deletes the
appended object.

Note: it currently appends also Objects when used in Pose Constraints...
hos wrote:Fix for when knife tool (with path setting) is terminated with ctrl-Enter.
Also, updated the little helper line on the status bar to indicate that
terminating with ctrl-Enter leaves only the verts on the cut line
ton wrote:Bugfix; appending with using relative paths made all dynamic links from
other libraries local.

Also added some securities in the temporal 'sync pose' testing code. It now
asks with a menu to confirm the object to be replaced too. Later more!
ton wrote:Bugfix #3232

When a file was loaded with curves in invisible layers, the displists
were not created.
ton wrote:New; Rotation Constraint allows to only copy X,Y,Z axis rotations.

Note this is based on eulers, so might give the common issues. :)
For most cases it goes fine though, especially with only 1 axis constraint.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3231

Constraint Ipos didnt work when the bone/channel had no Action Ipo...
just had to move a line of code. :)
elubie wrote:FIX: BLI_makestringcode called with bad pointer mainl->curlib
Moved call to before blo_join_main where pointer gets killed.
Otherwise Blender crashed when appending a file and selecting
relative filenames.
ton wrote:New: CrazySpace [tm] correction

When Modifiers are used in Edit Mode to show the deformed result for
editing, all actual coordinates Blender works with are still the ones from
the original Cage. You can notice that with the Transform Widget or
helper lines while transforming.

Even worse, the actual transformations still happened on the original Cage
as well, making it very hard to edit. That caused the feature to be named
"CrazySpace" (baptized by Andy, afaik?).

This commit calculates the deformation transformation per vertex, and
inverse corrects it, so it's more intuitive editing this way.

Unfortunately all the deformation features of Blender don't use matrices
for defining deform, so the existing code cannot be re-used to retrieve
the correct deformation matrix per vertex. The solution I found is based
on calculating per face the transformation based on its first 3 vertices,
and store this transformation averaged in the face's vertices.
The solution can also only work on entire faces, because the full deform
can only be retrieved using 3 vertices. (using 2 vertices will miss edge-
aligned rotation, using 1 vertex can only retrieve translation).

By deriving the deformations per face, small errors will still happen,
especially on very low-poly Meshes with extreme deformations.

The only alternative I know now, is providing each vertex in
a mesh with 2 extreme small tangent vectors, which get deformed using the
existing code as well. That will mess up the existing deformation code too
much though, this solution has the benefit it works with each deform we can
up with later too.

Last note about CrazySpace: it can only be used to tweak Meshes. Do not
even try to add vertices, extrude, or duplicate. Probably we should disable
this... but preventing user errors isn't always power-user-friendly, eh. :)
ton wrote:Disabled CrazySpace when 'proportional edit' is on... I discovered both use
the eve->vn pointer to store temporal data. Need a better solution, do it
later. This just prevents crashing!
guitargeek wrote:Python API Additions

Ipo Drivers access in IpoCurve
key.getChannelIpo(index) returns the ipocurve of a given shape index

Docs included for usage :)
khughes wrote:-Bugfix #3207: ALT-C on a mesh with modifiers would cause memory corruption.
We make a copy of the mesh and perform operations on the new object using
mesh_create_derived_no_deform() for the new object instead of the

Would be really nice if Daniel would look this over to see if it's really
fixed, or if I've just moved the problem somewhere else. :-) I'm leaving
the bug report open until the fixed is verified.
khughes wrote:- make getMeshDerivedMesh() initialize flag setting for new vertices (needed
for BPy Mesh to get derived mesh data)
ton wrote:Fix for vertex/weight paint, so it evaluates the subsurfed vertices for
applying paint. (Until now it used non-subsurfed vertices).
ton wrote:Default openGL material had a tiny ambient set, causing black to be not
black really! :)
ton wrote:Orange bugfixes in NLA editor;

- ALT+C "convert action into strip" didn't calculate the mouse position
correct. Also changed menu a bit to tell which action it makes a strip
- Select action strips now activates Object too
- Icons in Object 'row' (denoting NLA override or not) now draw blended
ton wrote:Orange bugfix;

Border select in Action window didn't get corrected for NLA time.
ton wrote:Orange bugreport:

The new "lock time" option for ipo/action/nla/time/sound windows did not
work proper... it could accidentally activate other windows, confusing the
2d settings.
ton wrote:More Orange NLA/Action fixes;

- NLA: Hotkey ALT+S resets (synchs) action start/end in selected Strips
- NLA: Panel for Strips allow setting negative "Action start"
- NLA: When transforming strips, the selected keys for that action don't
get included (caused weird errors)
- Action: cleanup of drawing horizontal bars.
- Action: Pulldown menu option "Lock time" was in different location than
for the other pulldowns
intrr wrote:I hope this commit finally fixes loading of .blend files with text objects
that had been converted to curve with ALT-C.

Should fix bugs 2973 and 3269. Thanks Ken Hughes for a pointer into the
right direction.
broken wrote:Camera visualisation changes and features (from tuho)

* Made the in-camera view dashed border lines less jarring
and disturbing. We will give it some testing here, feedback
is welcome.
* Showing the title safe zone is now an option in the
camera edit buttons. It's not very useful if you're not
making stuff for video/broadcast so you can turn it off.
* Passepartout is now a flag per camera, rather than per
scene. It never really belonged in the render buttons or as
Scene data, though it could be up for debate whether it's
better as camera data or view data (i.e. in the view
properties panel). Old files get converted over nicely with
this so if you had passepartout on before, it stays on the
* Added an option to show the current camera's name at
the bottom of the in-camera view, to help keep track of
which one you're seeing when using multiple cameras.
* In the 3D View (non-camera view) the active camera is
drawn with a solid line as before, while non-active
cameras are drawn with a dashed line, to help visualise
which one is active.
ton wrote:CTRL+I, pose mode, added accidentally a location constraint, when having 2
Bones selected.
7zip 1983kB
zip 2630kB
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Post by thoro »

Thank you very much for this build. Ah, now we can use guitargeek's great widgetmaker. Sweet!

And [SHIFT]+[SPACE]='maximise window space' inside the text editor was bugging me to death, thanks to broken for disabling it.

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Post by poutsa »

Thanks very much for this New Build !!!!

(About the Camera visualisation changes and features (from tuho))
....Thats nice Changes! !

If someone use as example a darker Backround in 3d Window and the in-camera view dashed border lines are Black like in this Build thats not so Good i believe because you canot see clearly the Render area (In this case its better when the in-camera view dashed border lines are White like in 2.37a!!!! the same in other way!
So its better when the User has the possibility to change between White or Black in-camera view dashed border lines!!

In 2.37a ........ in-camera view dashed border lines are White!
In this Build view dashed border lines are Black!

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Post by matt_e »

Right now, the border lines are using the wireframe theme colour. The logic is that most people will generally make their wireframe theme colour something that contrasts with the background. Have you got a screenshot?
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Post by poutsa »

Thats Great!!! Thanks for this Info broken! you can change this from there (User Preferences-Themes-Wire) Camera Selected in Camera View and choose any Colour you like for this !!

Vassilios Boucer

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Post by lucky3 »

hi lguillaume,
Your own patch is useful, i've seen this feature in many applications and i wonder if it could be possible to add this to bf-blender... You should ask coders's opinion!
Thank you for the build!

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Post by ysvry »

i find it usefull too , get it admitted plz.

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Post by PaicCitron »

Yup, I also find that displaying BBs when rotating, moving the camera is really usefull on heavy scenes. Should be on the BF ^^

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Post by kencanvey »

Thank you for this build, Blender is getting so really fun, I used to go outside......!!!!! :shock:

Ken (AKA Hermit)


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Post by poutsa »

lguillaume.....i find it usefull too !!!

as example: if you have a Complex Scene and you are in Shaded mode and you like to move a Object in another position ....Its to Slow!
So with this boundbox Drawtype its faster in this case! not only..this !


Vassilios Boucer

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Post by lguillaume »

Hello, thanks you all. For my patch I commited long time ago and the patch is rejected, I understand is not a real solution I will search a better solution but for moment I don't have any idea.

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Post by Zsolt »

Yeah, I also find that very useful, other apps also have similar options.

One bug that the recent builds have is: some of my curve objects don't show up in the 3Dview. Only the little dot representing the origin. If I select the dot, and step into editmode, then out, then it displays it. Also, if I render, after the render is finished, it also displays it. But in a freshly opened file, the curve object is hidden once again. Anyone else have this? It can become very annoying after a while.

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Post by poutsa »

Error Message in 3D Window:Mesh octree table coding error!
-You have a Character Animated and some Particles Static Animate,Vect for Hair! (as Example a Cat Animated with some Hair )!
-Select your Mesh (Cat) enter in Edit Mode and Select all Vertices (press A) in 3D Window and made a New Vertex Group for this give a Name "Soft" and Assign!
-Exit from Edit mode and go to the Physics Buttons and Press Softbody and Select Group:"Soft" from the List!
-Then go to 3 D- Window and Select your Mesh (Cat) and Enter in the Weight Paint here you see this Error Message!!
Bud you can continious to Work after this error message and Weight paint your Character!

So my Question:Is this a Bug or it is Normal and what this error Message means!
Can someone Explain!


Vassilios Boucer

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Post by fligh »

What happened to the Tangent shader for hair?
UPDATE: now anisotropic (tangent) shading has been implemented:

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Post by lguillaume »

fligh wrote:What happened to the Tangent shader for hair?
UPDATE: now anisotropic (tangent) shading has been implemented:
When you have a static particle, go to the material editor, panel Map input, you have Strand option, this is what you search.

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