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Re: unified renderer + motion blur = crash

Post by lguillaume »

void256 wrote:unified renderer + motion blur = crash

this started in the 2.4 alpha version and continues to be a problem with
this latest testbuild. no problem in 2.37 at all
bug posted in the bugtracker, thanks.

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Multiple booleans

Post by Carl »


I like the new booleans and Modifier stack! However, when I add multiple Boolean operations as modifiers to the same object, only the last operation is applied. Is this as it should be, or is there a way to apply multiple booleans in the stack?

I thought I could use boolean difference modifiers to create animated footsteps in the ground, but it kind of did not work as I should.


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Post by Pierre-Luc_Auclair »

It tries to set up normal of new face due to normals of faces in neigbourhood too.
Yahoo! This is such a nice addition. :) I have tried it a bit and it seems to work. Are there knows issues or it works all the time?

Edit: I have found a bug.


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Post by Zsolt »

I don't know what the problem is, but in my latest project, which is a pretty heavy scene with many objects and materials, I have several bugs in the last builds.
Such as:
- Curve objects not appearing in 3Dview
- Weird camera behaviour: ie, when in camera view, and using Ctrl+MMB to zoom in, the camera is set to the active object. When I set it back, then that object disappears.
- Most important: I CAN'T rotate OR scale anything, either with R and S, or with the widgets!!!

short circut
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Post by short circut »

has the yafray bug been fixed since the las release. I remember it crashed when trying to use yafray.
also witht the release before this on the smooth button didnot work.

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