UPDATE bf-Blender / Windows (2005/11/10)

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UPDATE bf-Blender / Windows (2005/11/10)

Post by lguillaume »

Compilation updated because jahka particle in CVS
7zip 1.96MB
zip 2.60MB
broken wrote:Small thing, just filling a gap that we really need here -
Added duplication of markers in the timeline with Shift D
(in the frame menu too)
ton wrote:Combined bugreport, bugfix and patch from Vidar Madsen.

He noted that static particles don't work with force fields yet, and
added a fix for it. This however didn't work for the depgraph yet, and
didn't correct the static particle's local space to world coordinates for
the fields. Nevertheless, while reviewing this small patch I thought it
would be fun to add now.

So: static particles now update realtime on forcefield relations. Warning
for potential slowdowns! Also note that work on the real particle patch
still has to be done... something I really will do, but in time. To get
particles correctly integrated in the animation system, quite some new
development has to be done still.
khughes wrote:- JMS's patch which adds GetParticlesLoc() method. I've modified the code
so that it resides in the Effects module instead, with the intent of
soon merging Effect.c and Particle.c into a single file (and somedat
removing references to the Effects.Particle submodule)
elubie wrote:Fix for #3316: do not convert slashes in the relname in BLI_make_file_string
Also fixed signature to const char* to indicate which parameters can be changed
to make it a bit safer, because constant strings are passed into this function
and changing them caused a crash.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3355

calling "Apply deform" from toolbox, with no active object, crashed.
ton wrote:fix #3357

- Armature editmode, x-axis mirror edit, didn't mirror alt+s scaling of

ALso: found out that alpha drawing for Envelope Bones in editmode wasn't
set properly.
ton wrote:Fix #3343

Right after leaving Armature editmode, and entering posemode, the active
bone was not selected (when only the head or tip was selected). This caused
a confusing display of an active but not selected Bone... and not proper
behaviour of UI (buttons) and inserting keys.
broken wrote:* Buttons window tab cycling
Repeated presses of the F* key to go to a buttons context will
now cycle through the sub-tabs within. For example, when at
a different buttons window context, pressing F7 twice will cycle
through to the Physics buttons tab, pressing F10 three times
will cycle through to the Sound buttons tab, etc.
ton wrote:Fix #3256

DXF: when an error message occurs during read, the main call returned
without clearing the used global vars... causing crash on calling again.

ALso: added warning when trying to assign a taper or bevel using Object
itself. (report from opengl tracker :)
ton wrote:Bugfix #3237

Selecting Edges in "Cut Away View" (ALT+B) did not work yet for wire view.
Solved it by calculating the closest coordinate for mouse to edge, and
check for that position if it's visible or not.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3342

Target-less IK, with a hinge bone that has an offset to its parent, didn't
get applied correctly after transform.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3249

Error in BLI_array_randomize(), an unused call in Blender until the
Build Modifier was added. It did a weird modulus I don't really grasp...
somehow that caused the bug (create a corrupt mesh). But why? Dunno...
ton wrote:Another typo in ALT+C convert modifiers; it was copying data from the
wrong object, which worked until a few days ago when I fixed a bug
in add_object(). :)
ton wrote:Modifier fix; new Armature modifier added sets the deform flags on.

(Note; until 2.40 release, these flags are also still in the Armature
Panel, that will disappear then)
elubie wrote:Small fix to allow relative filenames for textfiles.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3358

Deleting a shape key object could crash, when ipowindow open and showing an
active key.

Also: patch from tracker to increase limits of buttons for background image
khughes wrote:-- Added Object.effects, a read-only attribute which returns a list of the
particle effects belonging to an object (based on patch from jms)
khughes wrote:-- Clean-up of Effect and Particle modules; since particle was the only
remaining effect type, it didn't make much sense to leave things
implemented in two separate files. Changes include:
* two bug fixes (the getChild() and getMat() methods were using floats
instead of shorts)
* performing clamping on input values
* implementing attributes using tp_getset
* merging Effect and Particle functions: the Particle module exists in
name only, with the Particle.New() and Particle.Get() functions
remaining for backward compatibility (they are in fact identical to
Effect.New() and Effect.Get() functions)
* update of doc/Effect.py (including remove all old references to wave
and build effects)
intrr wrote:First part of sequencer attack:

Sequencer image preview finally supports zooming out. Yay!
ascotan wrote:*armature api for python
- don't get too excited
- allows you to get armatures from a scene
- makeEditable()/saveChanges() puts the armature into out of editmode (pythonically)
- Armature.bones is a dictionary that contains all the bones in the armature and can be iterated
- getters are available for:
roll (dictionary) keys are BONESPACE, ARMATURESPACE
head (dictionary) keys are BONESPACE, ARMATURESPACE
tail (dictionary) keys are BONESPACE, ARMATURESPACE
matrix (dictionary) keys are BONESPACE, ARMATURESPACE
options (list of constants)

Setter work only in editmode. Some are not fully implemented.
Type class is embedded in the module. This means the construct is called as follows:

Code: Select all

  import Blender.Armature as Armature
  arm = Armature.Get('myarm')
  for name, bone in arm.bones.items():
  ...print name, bone, bone.matrix['ARMATURESPACE']

more documentation is forth coming. This is an alpha for this api.
intrr wrote:New 'feature' for image/movie strips: Strobe

In the NKEY flying panel, you can set "Strobe" to something other than 1
for only displaying each nth picture of the strip. You know the effect
from movies :)

(I put this into the NKEY panel rather than as a effect because effects
only affect single frames (?) while this rather has to do with the
timing... like "Reverse")
intrr wrote:Changed my mind and made the "Strobe" value a float - this way you can get
a strobe effect synced exactly to a beat, for example, by using non-integer

Is it just me, or are there recently a lot of crashes in sequencer when
using audio strips?
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Post by poutsa »

Thanks for this Build! i will Test it!

Ton Wrote:
So: static particles now update realtime on forcefield relations.

This is Really AMAZING!!!!!!!

I noticed in 2.40 alpha 2 Build for Windows: if you are in Top View and you Disable the Grid from View Properties the Grid Stays only if you move the World Rotate the Grid goe´s Away (Not Vissible )
In this Build this is OK:!

Vassilios Boucer

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Post by poutsa »

Notice: For this Build and also for 2.40 alpha 2!!!

If you add a Lattice and change in the Editing Buttons F9 (for Lattice) the U,V,W numbers the Lattice not Updates correctly you see only some Static Changes .......this means the lattice not growing automatic in Realtime like in older Builds!!!
Question:-Is this a new Methode to change a Lattice or is this a BUg???


Vassilios Boucer

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Post by ZanQdo »

It'sa bug I think, I havent read anythingh about latices in CVS mails
:-) Hosting for your test builds:

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Post by bleen »

the new sequencer features are very cool!

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Post by poutsa »

.... i made a Simle Test with the new Features :Static Particles-Hair-Curve Guide ......Thats Amazing new Features and you see all the Results in Realtime!

you can Download the example blend file from here:
works only in this CVS Build or in the new 240 Official soon!


and here is a second Blend file Test with Force fields Emptys parent and deformed by Curve or self...

Download from here:file name:(GUIDEPARTICLESCURVETest3inone.zip)

http://www.zoo-logique.org/3D.Blender/i ... ld&rep=zip

Vassilios Boucer

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Post by hagen »

Hi, thanks for the hard job!. :)

Now, I´m a little lost in many features. :?

So, does somebody know if the pin bone feature is already implemented?

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Post by ZanQdo »

If I understand your question, no it isn't
:-) Hosting for your test builds:

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