bf-Blender / Windows (2005/11/10) Tweak/Fullscreen/Merge

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Bellorum wrote:Tweak - Ton doesn't like it :roll:
May be we could collect signatures to request it as an option in the user menu :?
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Bellorum wrote:
Scott Wilkinson wrote:The merge tools are excellent. What is the reason for not including them in an official release?
The patch is fairly new, and probably too close to official release for a proper review by Ton.
Actually, this'll probably be reviewed by our mesh edit module owner, GuitarGeek.

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sorry about the double post.
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I have had this problem with the builds. :(
check the elysiun post below.

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how do you use the tweak mode ??/ I can not find it in the new cvs, though it might not be there anyway, But I still can't find anything about it or how to start it

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Tangent Shader

Post by CDI3D »


Where do I find the Tangent Shader for the new particle systems? Is it hiddin somewhere, merged with another feature or was it not added?

Im following this tutorial: ... ticle_Hair

Just so you know what Im talking about.

Thanks for any assistance, and cant wait to see a new build.

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Post by ton »

I like to make a note that the removed "Fullscreen" windows option will cause OpenGL in Blender to not work properly. It was removed because the code was just too bad and quick hack.
I know the functionality is great and appreciated, but we have to wait for someone presenting us a more solid solition for it.

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Post by mcbeth »

this build had viewport rendering capabilities has it been removed or can it be enabled somewhere, I just downloaded a build that didn't seem to have that functionality anymore or I couldn't find it

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