bf-Blender / Windows (2005/11/17)

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bf-Blender / Windows (2005/11/17)

Post by lguillaume »

Hello new compilation without patch.
7zip (2015KB)
zip (2674KB)
erwin wrote:fixed raysensor, hooked up a few more bullet method: force, torque etc, + 'local'. cosmetic change in physics-engine menu.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3370

Border select on a Meta strip in Sequencer didn't work. Seems to be a year
zero bug :)
ton wrote:Bugfix #3379

Fixes in WeightPainting accidentally passed on weightpaint values for the
(color) Vertex Paint option. (Opacity for example used weightpaint setting)
ton wrote:This is the famous proverbal example of someone trying to get a 4 legged
table stable... you keep correcting leg sizes until no table is left
anymore! :)

This commit restores the displacement direction from 2.37a code, which was
negated 5 months ago to fix a change in renderconverter.c, but somehow is
not needed anymore. The regression displacement file now renders OK again.
ton wrote:Fix #3382

Alt+D on a Camera or Lattice did not create a linked copy. This was an
ancient convention from the dark ages (1995) still. :)
ton wrote:Deleting Effectors (deflectors or Fields) now update particle systems and
softbody. (report #3385)
intrr wrote:Fix "Copy Attributes -> Font Settings" to copy the new vars (wordspace,
underline stuff) as well.

Attempt at fixing editmode undo, but not successful. I'll create a bug-
report and assign it to Mika, because I only understand "train station"
(German saying :-) when looking at the code.
khughes wrote:-- various fixes for Mesh.c:
* add some protection against accessing MVerts/MEdges/MFaces which have
been deleted
* correct cut-and-paste bug in faces.delete() method
* correct some compiler warnings
broken wrote:* Fixed an old, old, old problem where the top camera arrows
couldn't be seen in a side on view because they had no wireframe.
ton wrote:Bugfix #3372

When using the pulldown menus for exiting weightpaint, it did not free
octree tables for weightpaint, giving an error message on re-entering
ton wrote:Three particle fixes;

- "Disp" option allows to go back to zero, effectively disabling the entire
particle generating.
- When parenting guides to an emitter the depgraph sees a cyclic relation,
which caused not updating the particles correct on loading it.
- Moved creating guide Cache completely outside of the particle loop,
should make it faster to use with large amounts of particles and objects.
ton wrote:Particles now are generated from subsurfed coordinates.

Note that the current default generates particles based on the original
amount of vertices and faces, this for vertex group support (which is not
subdivided with modifiers). That means that particles generated on
subsurfed faces still have minor approximation errors.

Note for DerivedMesh users; I've added a new API call:
float *mesh_get_mapped_verts_nors(Object *ob);
Which returns an array of 2 * 3 * float size, containing the vertices and
normals, deformed and subsurfered, but only the original me->mvert amount.
Works in all non-editmode cases.

Is in use now for vertex/weight paint and particles.
ton wrote:Hairdresser request;

"Additive" Guides. See also: ... 721.0.html

This Guide type uses the falloff distance to also define how much the
particle (or hair strand) goes over the path, allowing to create local
extremes, or only local particle generating or hairgrowth. Nice for
spiky haircuts!
ton wrote:Bugfix: when editing a Curve Guide, and deleting all but one control point,
the path code crashed.
mikasaari wrote:Undo for editfont fixed. Paste functionality crashed the blender
in case the paste buffer+length of text was bigger than MAXTEXT ->
fixed this, also a error is shown to the user now. editfont.c needs
still some cleaning but will discuss about this with kaito and intrr.
ton wrote:Finished hair strand render project (well, for release), also with a good
doc; ... 722.0.html

- added width control for strands
- made tangent (anisotropic) render an option
(so you can render strands more solid, like metal/wood)

- ALT+A anim playback with static particles made cursor flashing
ton wrote:Strand render/zbuffering optimize recode

I've been going over the zbuf.c code, which is indeed very ancient,
with a load of old optimizing and redundant code in use.

Added more 'modern' Span support, which fills per face two arrays
with the scanline information in it. That way you can zbuffer a quad in one
run as well. It was also exactly that code that's copied all over in zbuf.c

For now, to prevent issues for the release, the 'render a quad in 1 run' is
only in use for the strand render. Tests reveil a speedup of about 33%.

Will work on this recode later... which would also result in making zbuf.c

And: bugfix #3398
When using the new 'render emitter' for particles, the orco array for
particles was accidentally used by mesh too.
ton wrote:New zbuffer; added check for zero sized edges in filling in with new
span buffer. caused black stripes in render...
ton wrote:Ztransp render has a built-in maximum for amount of faces it can render
on top of each other. Was 100, which gave noise like this in this image;

Made it 200, which solves it for a million hair polygons;

Also note that hair renders go much faster and better if you insert a real
solid head in it, that will prevent hairs on the back to be inserted in the
buffers. ANd don't make the head Ztransp!
ton wrote:Another optimize step for huge quantities of hair renders; now per transp
part (64 scanline pixels) it first calculates clipping for faces.
Testfiles - 1 M faces with simple render - show 2 times speedup :)
ton wrote:Two orange reports;

- Copy Location Constraint didn't update Object when it was copying from a
- Deleting bone in editmode, and connecting bones crashed due to evaluation
of deformation code (only allowed for pose).
ton wrote:Small fixes;

- Bone Ghost drawing now skips axes and names
- "Snap to cursor" now works for parent-less bones in PoseMode
- Prevented assigning in buttons of negative zero (was confusing)
ton wrote:Grabbing a targetless IK bone, and ESC, accidentally didnt clear a flag,
causing targetless IK being executed on all bone moving (looked like as if
a bone couldn't be rotated/moved).
khughes wrote:-- Added OB_RECALC_OB to Object_set* methods.
ascotan wrote:* update to python docs
- update for the old mathutils rewrite
- update for some other methods ive added
- added explaination of wrapped data
- added a .css file for epydoc gives nice blender/python colors :?
* update to python docs
- the softbodies documentation was put in instead of object.object. Hello!
- point constructor
* added a constructor for the point class to mathutils
ton wrote:Revision of NLA stride option.

Previously, using the "Stride Bone" tried to get that Bone motionless on
the path by correcting the internal time of the Action. This however caused
too many problems, especially with irregular walks.

The new system also tries to keep the Stride Bone motionless, but this by
moving the entire armature, and not changing the timing of the Action.
Give much nicer results. :)

To make editing Strides easier, I've added a new option in the NLA
panel to disable the path. This way you can quickly switch to editing the
action itself (keying the stride bone) and viewing the result.
ton wrote:New Constraint option for Pose: "Local" Copy Location/Rotation.

The locality is restricted to action or user-transform only. Or as it goes
in the code now: by setting a constraint local, it executes the constraint
before it calculates the influence of Action or user transforms.

ALso note that this works in Evil Eulerians. Meaning that when you only
want to copy the X,Y or Z compenent of a euler, it can give unpredictable
results when the other euler values are set, this because euler axis
rotations work on top of each other.
ton wrote:Fix for #3409

Vertex-parenting a forcefield to a softbody caused eternal loop :)
It is partially because of the timing system (=weak) but actually also
because derivedmesh calls could also not build meshes all the time!
ton wrote:Added stepsize option for Pose ghosting draw. Patch provided by Roland

In a comment on maillist I already mentioned a weird 0.5 in the code,
which I added to ensure correct rounding to integer frame numbers.
With a variable step size however, this won't work properly. You could
see it in the patch, because the ghost steps were animating.... they
should remain frozen, looks much nicer then. So I've added some fmod
voodoo here.
ton wrote:Special Orange request; support for SoftBody Goal weights for Lattices.
Animating detailed clothes with softbody becomes messy, so now we'll
try it this way. :)

It simply uses the W (weight) value, as already available in each Lattice
Point. Only had to make it editable;

- NKey panel
- or press W in editmode

Further there's a minimalistic W button in the softbody Panel!
blendix wrote:Bug reported by Bassam:

Influence for "Rot" option in IK constraint didn't work correct
in some cases.
ton wrote:Another Orange sneak-in feature: SoftBody support for Curves & Surfaces.

Well, it already worked a bit, but without weight options or edge
stiffness. You now can set the weights using the "Properties" Panel in
the 3D Window (allows multiple selections too) or with Wkey in Edit Mode.
Bezier curves have this too.

NOTE: Lattice SoftBody Goal created yesterday won't work anymore!
I've had to recode weight support for Nurbs Points, using a new weight
variable... this because the existing W variable was in use for Nurbs
already. Also Lattices have this new Weight variable, so the code is nice
uniform. Sorry for the artists who already created complex Lattices... :)

NOTE2: Surface Objects don't support edge stiffness yet

NOTE3: I've removed ancient screen coordinates from the Bezier struct,
which makes - even with added weight and padding - the struct smaller!

Demo file: ... tice.blend
ton wrote:One visit to studio orange, and voila a todo list!

- bug: posemode, bones were drawing names and axes even when hidden
- bug: using softbody guides actually worked on themselves, causing
an infinite loop
- feature: when a pose/bone is completely locked for transform, a grab
will change into rotate by default.
khughes wrote:-- fix small problem with Ipocurve.recalc(); recomputed handles but did not
re-sort control points (also added reminder in BezTriple doc that script
users need to call recalc themselves)
-- add support for new particle effects
ton wrote:Fix in Colorband: the "B-Spline" interpolation didn't extend well, when a
marker wasn't on the first or last possible position. Caused by clipping.
As bonus; added Cardinal interpolation option too, which is just that
little bit different! (Cardinal goes through the controlpoints, bspline not)

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Post by crsrma »

Everything's falling together very nicely, even a big diff from the official alphas. Love the reorganize of the particle/physics butts & all the new strand options.

Thanks for the build. :)

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Post by mfoxdogg »

WOW :shock: :shock: :shock: this is a truely awsome build I cannot wait till you release the offical build and give other packages a run for their money.

I have One request. SSS. i feel it can be easier to implement in a new tab in materials, with its own paint function in C rather then a undynamic un animateable python script

also since you al are focusing on hair and particles, can you please develop a hair and possibly cloth physics engine using particles as most hair and cloth simulators use particles
I reject reality and substitute my own!!

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Post by LetterRip »

also since you al are focusing on hair and particles, can you please develop a hair and possibly cloth physics engine using particles as most hair and cloth simulators use particles
There are currently 'soft body dynamics' experiments being done with hair. Cloth avoiding 'self intersection' will hopefully come eventually, but I don't know if it is on someones current plans.


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Post by zupermonkey »

Soft body dynamics with hair?? Oh my...

Only thing I can wish for now is to have the ability to make frizzy hair, or clumpy hair (not using a texture, but clumps at each 'particle path' or however it's called).

For that last one, have a look at the hair fluff in 3DS MAX 8. Clumpy hair for Blender would rule!

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Post by zupermonkey »

Argh, with this build, I've got white dots in my hair!!

* This image was post-processed, normally they're not bloomy...

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Post by jesterKing »



ps. sorry for the unhelpful post, I just had to ;)

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Post by lusque »

zupermonkey wrote:Argh, with this build, I've got white dots in my hair!!
My dots instead are black, and they affect alpha channell too.
It seems to happen only if I use a blend texture to affect the alpha of the strands.
With Ztransp on the dots are big, with Ztransp off the dots are small.

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Post by Money_YaY! »

zupermonkey wrote:Argh, with this build, I've got white dots in my hair!!

* This image was post-processed, normally they're not bloomy...
You made snow!

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Post by patricks »

Hello everybody I'm having the same problem with black spots when rendering Hair.
But when disabling the new “Tangent Shading” option in the Material panel the black spots disappear.


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Post by OTO »

Apply a good shampoo!

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Post by crsrma »

OTO wrote:Apply a good shampoo!
Unacceptable, my monkey is meant to be dirty.

I noticed that the tangent shading seems to work better with more uniform hair. Like, a big lock of hair with an additive curve guide applied. Otherwise, with more random/messy hair, you've to keep a fairly low spec value it seems. Or, use the WardIso specular shader, with a high rms value, over .2 atleast.

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Post by zupermonkey »

lol :D
jesterKing wrote: ps. sorry for the unhelpful post, I just had to ;)
No, you're not unhelpful, I didn't know the English word for "roos" yet! Now I do :)


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Post by zupermonkey »

crsrma wrote:you've to keep a fairly low spec value it seems.
That's what I thought of as well, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to help for my hairy thingies.

The dandruft keeps sitting on there, even if the spec is turned all down.

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Post by crsrma »

Hm, maybe it is a feature & really meant to be dandruff. :)

You are right, though. I must have been a bit lucky with the hair I was working on yesterday, the specks are almost microscopic but there nonetheless. I'm almost positive it would look noisy when animated.

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