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Post by mpan3 »

SSE1 on Athlon XP works perfectly here :D

32bit Athlon/Athlon XP and mobile Athlon user: your CPU does NOT support SSE2, hence only use SSE1 or no SSE.

AMD Semperon supports SSE2 IIRC. ANd so does A64.

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Post by env »

All three works for me (AMD64 on XP) but in all three raytraced shadows don't works.


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Post by Ryz »

Boolean operations make all optimized builds crash... I use the SSE2 builds, but it occured in others too (and happened in 2.41alpha)... 2.40 and 2.41RC1 do Booleans fine...

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Post by kitsu »

SSE2 works fine for me after deleting dll.
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