bf-blender / Windows 2.41 RC2 (2006/1/22)

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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bf-blender / Windows 2.41 RC2 (2006/1/22)

Post by aphex »

Official Windows 2.41 RC2 is here.

Please report any bugs you find!

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Re: bf-blender / Windows 2.41 RC2

Post by simonharvey »

aphex wrote:Official Windows 2.41 RC2 is here.

Please report any bugs you find!

Could you please put the build date in the subject line of the post?


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What's new?

Post by djfuego »

Whats' in this release?

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Re: What's new?

Post by aphex »

djfuego wrote:Whats' in this release?
This is a last minute RC with bugfixes.

The main purpose is to test the game engine - there are some GLSL shader fixes since RC1.

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More stability in GE , couple of suggestions

Post by Darkelfv »

I have been researching the possiblity of some features in the game engine. I tested out differnt methods and experimented with work arounds. The physics is much more stable then 2.40. Bullet size is still odd compared to sumo.

I do have some suggestions, I don't know if this is the correct place to post so someone direct me if im wrong here.

Mirror / portal / monitor effects
- Since the new python demo for split screen is out, this could be done if you could render the camera view to a plane instead of the screen(rasterizer)

Animated Textures
- im sure this is being worked on, I think using the avi would not be practical for gameblender, Alowing to load fileXXX.jpg or file.XXX as XXX were the numbers would be a better ideal. However playing true avi's would be a good thing too, for tv effects and cutscenes ect... Also having python control over which frame is being displayed would be wonderful

Python Features
- Parenting and changing parents in python would be of great help. (weapons, picking up object, yes i know about copy location its shoddy at best)
- Being able to create actuators and sensors within python. (python control spread of shotgun and other projectiles)
- ablity to change object from layer to layer. (lighting effects, enter exit scene)

Physics engine
- apply physics to bones (rag doll)
- python parenting control of bones (dislocated arm, broken neck, robot joint dislocation ect..)

Those are just some of the things that I have tried to do but found no real answer on how to do in current python/blender. If there is a way to do so already please forgive me. I do know about some of the work arounds but they are not very effective.

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Post by poutsa »

thanks for this Build!
.....i dont Know if this are Bugs for this 2.41RC2 Test Build for Windows?
bud you can download to see the Test Blend files with some Exlpanation from here!



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Post by adh75 »

I tried to install Blender 2.4.1 on my home computer but it had a major flaw where it completely shut down the computer & restarted it! Then it says "There's been a fatal flaw in Windows...Send a Report..."

My home computer is a Windows XP, which my family bought in 2004, but it still operates off of the FAT 32 system.

I don't know if my home PC doesn't have enough memory to run Blender, or if it would have to have a cable or DSL internet connection, but anyway it doesn't run for some reason.

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Post by LetterRip »


what is your computers specs? Specifically the graphics card? Crappy graphics cards have problems with Blender since Blender makes heavy usage of opengl for drawing the interface.


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