BF windows 2006/02/12 + array modifier + blinn node

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BF windows 2006/02/12 + array modifier + blinn node

Post by lguillaume »

Hello new compilation, with 2 patch :
Array modifier by Artificer :
Doc + sample

Blinn node by Nathan Vegdahl, for other system if you want to use the patch, if found on
blinn node

Downloads :
7zip (2.2MB)
zip (2.9MB)

The 2 archives contains libpng.dll and zlib.dll
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Post by Koba »


Nice new Blinn node but it is the upcoming python node that has got me excited!


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Post by bmud »

The more the node editor evolves, the more fun it becomes, but if only I knew how to add or remove nodes. presing spacebar seems like it would be the most logical command, but there is no such menu. ctrl-LMB also deletes instead of laso.

And all this development to the material system has me wondering about the nature of deleting materials from a blender file. is it just me, or does it seem difficult to make materials or images go away? I've figured out over the past year (finally) that the propper proceedure is to press the X or remove the material from being applied to any object so it gets the O beside it, and then upon saving the file, it will not be there anymore.

But what about textures that someone wants to keep around, but just doesn't have any object using them anymore...?

The behavior seems wrong -- secretly deleting things instead of it being initialized by the user. Materials also can't be removed from the OOP web/tree

Just my two cents, since people are working on it right now anyway. :D

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Post by panzi »

Is there a linux build, too? I don't have windows installed.
Or is there a ready patched source archive which can be compiled without big troubles (with gcc 4.0)?

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Post by Koba »


As an answer to your questions:

- Shift+A adds nodes
-Delete deletes them (shift right-click to select multiple)
- You just drag to create connections.
- You can also group nodes which is very cool

I agree that spacebar would be more logical.

As for your query about how materials/textures are handled - I must say I also found it very confusing (and slightly annoying). Of course there are good features about it too.

Anyway, I *believe* that there are "F" buttons dotted around the place allowing you to create "fake users". This means the material/texture remains even after closing and even if not linked to anything. I've never used it so this is something I remember from the documentation somewhere.

As for this build, I have already decided what my first python node will be used to do - it will use an empty to set the DOF postprocess so as to define the focus.


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Post by cessen »

Fun stuff! Keep in mind that the Blinn node is only the most minor of the things being done with the node system. PyNode is going to be awesome, and there are basic missing nodes that have been added in my latest patch (like math and vector math nodes).

The array modifier is so awesome...

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Post by aligorith »

bmud wrote: But what about textures that someone wants to keep around, but just doesn't have any object using them anymore...?

In the past few months, I've learnt a hotkey that should let you do this. By pressing Shift-F4, you can browse the current 'database' of the .blend file.

To keep a texture around:
1. Go to the texture 'folder' - this is like how you navigate a .blend file when finding something to append
2. Find the texture you wish to keep
3. Right click it
4. Press F-Key (this creates a Fake User. pressing this key can also remove a Fake User)


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