BF Windows 2006/02/21 + patch

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BF Windows 2006/02/21 + patch

Post by lguillaume »

Hello, new compilation, with array modifier patch and 6 new blending node

7zip (2.2MB)
zip (2.9MB)
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Post by Toon_Scheur »

That is just wonderful! For me that means that I can make nightscenes more realisticaly. Normaly you use blue lamps for that cliché 80's style night scene effect. But now that means that you can desaturate your scene based on z-buffer.... wich also means that you can achieve a more convincing mist effect by desaturating in the distance too (of course still using mist).
A good example of this is the scene in Bugs Life where it was very misty. The hoppers in the mist are almost grayscale, but as they move more toward the camera they get more saturated.

Nice patch! :D

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Post by thoro »

Toon_Scheur, yes - that's definitely moving Blender into a new dimension. And I was thinking about buying a simple compositing application last year... :D.

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Post by adrian »

Thanks for the build.

The HSV sliders in colour picker haven't worked in all the latest cvs builds.

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Post by Falgor »

Never buy anything, you can model food in blender and then print it, but it tastes like paper.

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