BF Windows 2006/03/08 + patch

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BF Windows 2006/03/08 + patch

Post by lguillaume »

Hello, new compilation with 3 patch :
- New blend mode : doc
- Cineon, Dpx support:
joeedh wrote:cineon/dpx support ported form cinepaint.

* the code uses imbuf->rect_float, and will not save anything if rect_float doesn't exist.
* it only exports, although the ported cinepaint part of the code does have import routines.
* each float pixel is converted from a RGBA float-per-channel to a RGB (not alpha) 16-bit unsigned short-per-channel, which is fed in a line to the cinepaint cineon/dpx exporter (this should not cause any loss of data as cineon/dpx supports only 10-bits-per-channel anyway).
- Histogram Compositor Node

New function (not all, go to ... /date.html):
ton wrote:Compositing workflow goodie; each 'render result' node now has a button
option to re-render that specific node. Also works for nodes using other
briggs wrote:-> Path Select Tool

Added a new tool to the 'W-Key' popup menu in mesh editmode, 'Path Select'.
When exactly two vertices are selected, 'Path Select' will find the shortest
path of vertices between them. There are two methods for determining
the shortest path, one that finds the path with shortest physical
distance, and one that finds the path with shortest topological distance.


Original Selection

Path Select - Edge Length ... ysical.jpg

Path Select - Topological

The tool uses a straightforward implementation of Dijsktra's algorithm
and may be a bit slow on extremely large meshes. As a speedup you can
hide the parts of the mesh that you are not working on and they will
not be searched.
ton wrote:Quick feature: "Around Individual Centers" now works in editmode mesh, but
only in Face-Select mode. It then uses for rotate and scaling the face
center itself as reference.

Code uses a loop-in-loop to find the face that belongs to the vertex...
means it will be slow with operations on 10k or more faces. Acceptable
for now, will make it nicer later. :)
7zip (2.2MB)
zip (3MB)
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Post by macouno »

Hmmm I'm still missing the "around individual centers" or "around active object" mode working in edit mode... hoping that's coming soon.

thanks for the build.

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Post by mosesonline »

I buyed a new graphic card an ati x1600 pro 512MB and now Blender crashes an start up after "Using Python version 2.4". The Error is :"The instruction at "0x00000000" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".
Non of the versions of blender starts not even the 2.41. OS is Windows XP (Pro) on an Intel 3.4Ghz with 1024 MB RAM. My last graphic card was 9800 Pro and always works fine. :cry:

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Post by LeiGet »

Whenever I move things from layers 1 and 2 to layer 1 (multiple things), Blender crashes on this build.

I'm using Windows 98se on a AMD Anthlon 1.1 Ghz machine with NVIDIA Geforce2 GTS/Pro 32MB.

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Post by moketao »

It's about the "Ambient Occlusion" , I'm not sure it's a bug. ... 948#590948

Thanks for the build.

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Post by vizzy »

@lguillaume, could you give an url for the awesome select-vertex-path patch :D? would be great, i like to add that to my current verblender too *g*, but cant find in the patch tracker


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Post by LetterRip »

vizzy path select is in CVS


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