Need tester on windows 98 : SHGetFolderPath problem

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Need tester on windows 98 : SHGetFolderPath problem

Post by lguillaume »

Hello, some user report that current CVS doen't work under windows 98 because windows doesn't have SHGetFolderPath call.

I try to make a patch to have special folder like desktop and My Documents but I don't have win98 to try.

The compilation can be found at ... /20060423/

I want to know if when you make F1Key to open a file, and press the button under the button "P" have the two special directory.

Thanks to try.

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Post by LeiGet »

The console pops up and then goes away.

And when I quit, a blue screen of death pops up. On the second time that happend, I had to restart.

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