BF Windows 2006/06/14 + patch POV

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BF Windows 2006/06/14 + patch POV

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Hello new compilation with the POV patch which able to render directly in POV-Ray.

For new features, I can say render in UV/image Editor, in oldest Blender we have in rendre panel two buttons : DispWin and DispView, now we have a pulldown menu with 3 options : FullScreen, Image Editor and Render window

We have a new option in the property panel accessible with NKey, we can change the dimension of the boundbox, with a circle, when it just created it have the dimension of [2.0,2.0,0.0] if we want a circle with a diameter of 1 just change the dimension to 1, we can now make exact size easier.

Downloads at ... /20060614/

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