[WIP] BF-Windows + layer manager

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[WIP] BF-Windows + layer manager

Post by lguillaume »

Hello vizzy integrate my old layer manager patch, I try to update.

Blender is current CVS.
What is my patch and what new :
- I add the possibility to name layer
- I take from DTP Blender by Intrr lock mesh on layer from selection (thanks Intrr, I learn a lot from your source)
- I add the possibility to color the wire of mesh on layer, all in theme.
- I add drawtype for layer, you can easily change drawtype for all mesh on a layer

The drawtype function is a little buggy, it works ok for mesh under only one layer but on many layers, it takes the last changed drawtype. The layer drawtype is not initialized, I have to check that.

Why I made this? To learn C code and to show that so many users want a function like this, I can't make a good one, my code is bad.

you can found the patch at http://blendertestbuilds.de/index.php?d ... rlayer.zip

a windows build can be found : here

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Post by ajuss »

this layer thing is very very good feature
and should be in future Blender official release

thanks again

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