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2.42 Optimized for Windows Pack

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:38 am
by mchs3d
Phew! I just released 6 downloads available at containing optimized versions of Blender 2.42 for Windows. Three are .zip archives and three are their respective automated installers, like the kind you download off of The SSE and SSE2 builds require that your CPU support the version of SSE in the build, or the build won't run. These are not meant to be testing builds, but rather to be production-stable yet optimized versions of the 2.42 release.



-- Blender 2.42 Optimized (Installer)
-- Blender 2.42 Optimized with SSE (Installer)
-- Blender 2.42 Optimized with SSE2 (Installer)


-- Blender 2.42 Optimized (.zip)
-- Blender 2.42 Optimized with SSE (.zip)
-- Blender 2.42 Optimized with SSE2 (.zip)

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 12:09 am
by Rave_Zero
Thank you very much!

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 3:27 am
by Auteuro
Q: What's better than Blender?

A: Optimized Blender!!!

Thank you mchs3d :)

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:48 pm
by Kai Kostack
I don't know why, but with your build (SSE), I cannot save OpenEXR files. Instead, I'm getting always tga files. :?

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:43 pm
by mchs3d
Hmmm... That's odd! Anyone else get that problem?

me too

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 5:29 pm
by enzoblue
It adds a .tga extension to it yep. Save xxx.exr and it gets saved as xx.exr.tga

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 9:24 pm
by Isocles
Any chance of making a new set of these for 2.42a on XP/2k?

Good call

Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2006 1:34 pm
by djfuego
I second that request.

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:58 am
by mpan3

Not to hijack mchs3d's thread, but i have a few optimized build available on my site.
2.42a for AMD A64: A64 and semprons with SSE3
2.42a for AMD A64: All socket A64's, including A64 3000+ to X2 5600+ AND all semprons
2.42a for AMD Athlon XP: Athlon XP 1800+ to 3200+, Socket A Sempron and mobile Athlon
2.42a for AMD Athlon: Older Athlon "B" and "C"

2.42a for Intel Pentium 4: P4, Xeon, Core Solo/Duo, Pentium 5/6/7/8xx and certain Celerons (SSE1/2/3)
2.42a for Intel Pentium 4 (Northwood): Pentium 4 and certain Celerons (SSE1/2)
2.42a for Intel Pentium III: Pentium 3, older Celerons, Celeron-M, and Cenrino/Pentium-M

2.42a for All x86 Processors: Try this still highly optimized version if all of the above fails
USE these are your own risks! I have been told that the A64 version have some problems with Dual-core (NOT using both cpu). And Intel user will find that mine is not AS fast as mchs3d's, but the AMD build, especially the Athlon XP build, flies. 8)

Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:14 pm
by Rave_Zero
Thanks, I'm gonna try the SSE3 build :)


Grass_Tutorial benchmark results (unchanged settings)

Official Build 2.42a => 3:16.96

AMD64 Build 2.42a => 3:00.02

AMD64 SSE3 Build 2.42a => 2:33.83

A64 SSE3 and Yafray

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 2:51 pm
by kosstheory

I tried out the SSE3 version, and found that the 15% speed increase was about the same as the basic optimized A64 version posted by the thread starter.

However, rendering to Yafray using your SSE3 build causes blender to crash everytime.