Windows CVS Build . 09/03/2006

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Windows CVS Build . 09/03/2006

Post by venomgfx »

My first build here!

Built in Windows with Cygwin/Make, in an Athlon x2 3800+.

CVS from a minutes ago :)

New great feature from Ton:

Animation department feature request: support for vertex groups in Lattices

In a quick glance: (temp image)

Main reason is that Lattices are useful a lot for Armature deformation.
Lattices just provide much more precise and interesting control. However,
with only bone envelopes it's very hard to use.

Working with Lattice vertex groups is nearly identical to Mesh:
- on CTRL+P 'make parent' you can choose the deform option now
- In editmode, the buttons to control vertex groups are available
- In outliner you can select vertexgroups too
- Deforming Lattices with Armatures has all options as for Mesh now.

- No WeightPaint has been added yet. To compensate, the editmode
drawing for a Lattice with vertex group shows weight values for the active
vertex group.
- Lattice editmode doesn't undo/redo weight editing yet.
- Softbody for Lattice still uses own vertex weights

Implementation notes:
- derivedmesh weight_to_rgb() is now exported to drawobject.c
- been doing cleanups in code (order of includes, var declarations, etc)
- weightpaint button handling now is generic


No Game Engine.
A little patch I tweaked based on another, lets you choose your size of render up to 1000% with a little slider, and OSA levels from 2 to 16.

Download! ... how&id=253

If you don't like my theme (I bet you wont :), you would like to replace or delete (to have the default options) the .B.blend file in the .blender folder.


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Post by Howitzer »

Interesting development Venomfx. I have seen lattices used in Maya, and I have often wondered how well this method works for character animation.

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