2 remarks about the site

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2 remarks about the site

Post by B@rt »

Hi Kib,

I have two minor annoyances about the new site:

1) I think the pages are too wide - the current design forces me to go (almost) fullscreen to read a page.

2) The font is a bit too small. Maybe you could add a theme that allows us to select a different font?

Anhow, I think you'd better sleep for a few days first ;-)



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Post by Timothy »

1) I don't think this is a big problem myself, I work on both 800x600, 1024x768 and 1600x1200, systems. And to me it seems to work right. I don't think it will be easy trying to fit everything in a theme with a width of 750.
But it's atleast worth looking into (but not toooo soon :) ).

2) It is a bit hard to implement this, (well not really, but in a clean way it is). What I suggested to ztonzy (who asked me this aswell) is simply to change the css, so that the browsers can change the fonts. (I know opera, and mozilla atleast do this already, and IE 6.0 can do it as soon as I change the css tags).
I will decide a bit more about the development process of blender.org next week. (will e-mail you about this aswell).


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Post by B@rt »

Okidoki! :)

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Post by calli »

I must agree, the pages are too wide. Maybe the top graphics is preventing a automatic scale?

For the Fonts: Bart, what browser? Here with galeon all is nice. Even Netscape on IRIX...


PS: But to say it at least one time: I like the site/forums very much! Very clean and readable (I love black on white) and the shades of grey do a very good job on seperating the parts without stressing the eyes with too colorfull pages.

PPS: Oh man, the site is also very fast! I mean I run galeon on a PPro200 and most forum sites are somewhat slow on it...

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Post by beatabix »

yep, i definitely agree about the wideness.
it's a most annoying thing to have to keep moving the mouse to the horizontal scroller while you look at a page.

you might not need to set it to a width=750 theme --> just make it stretchy in the places that can handle it, like the news section on the front page, or the message section here in the forum.

also, on the front page, the log-in is the only think on the right hand side. is this necessary? you could re-jig the left hand side to accomodate a login box, or put it at the top.


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Post by xype »

I agree that horizontal scrolling can be annoying. but so far most of the stuff on the right side are those small "latest story" kind of boxes which arent really that important.

Kib_Tph, maybe we can also try and make a "pure blender.org" theme which simply loads the navigation above the content tables instead of left to it? But then, those menus seem to be hardcoded into postnuke, so they'd still work either with or without <br> tags.

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Post by Schlops »

1. Too wide, maybe because of the head-logo ?

2. Font is no problem. B@rt try mozilla, only a ctrl+ needed to increase font size.

Otherwise: Cool design, I like the colors
Stay Rude!

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Site Width

Post by scoab »

Hello everybody!

I'm surprised at myself for how big a deal the width of this site is to me, I like the colors and the minimalist graphics, but the width bugs the stink out of me. Do enough people care about this? Perhaps a poll is in order...

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Post by Hos »

I agree -- this is a beautifully and tastefully
designed site, but the width absolutely sucks!


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Post by Jananton »

Hmm, lurking a little, I can not say anything else but agree that the pages are too wide. Should obviously be revised to accomplish user settings.
Btw. glad Blender is in the air again. I was a little bit disteressed when it all seemed to end somehow...

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Post by ton »

I fully agree on the width. We're looking at how to fix that.

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