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New forum topics suggestion

Post by FunkyDude »


First let me say that Blender is AMAZING, love it, can't get enough of it... I spent like $100+ on books in the last few weeks, and am looking forward to rendering/animating/python scripting and creating games with it.

On another note, I just thought I'd make a quick suggestion for new forum topics if you please.

"Welcome Area" - let new users to the community introduce themselves
"showcase" - a place for people to showcase their stills/animations or games



Edit - has forums for showcasing your work

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Post by Andyba »

I totally support this ideas especially about the place for people to showcase their stills/animations or games.

Imho it will bring more attention to blender.
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Welcome thread

Post by steveg2010 »

I would also like to see a welcome thread added to this forum. Most of the other forums I browse have this function and it helps to get to know someone first before you rely on any advise they offer. :x

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Post by erickaplan »

I have to support this idea of a welcoming topic so new users (like me :D) can introduce themselves.
A lot of others boards have this feature.

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Post by stiv »

As mentioned here
we have two sets of forums - the ones at for artists and user support, the ones here at for Blender development issues.

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