Too many different logins in!

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Too many different logins in!

Post by EvilEngel »

I'm confused by the number of accounts needed in the blender web sites. I have an account in the blender foundation, one here in, and apparently I need a different one in

I've been using blender on and off for the past few years, and I'm interested in becoming a developer. Right now I'm just trying to figure out all the blender web sites.

Are multiple accounts really required for all these pages?

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Post by matt_e »


I agree it's a bit clumsy having all those logins, but it's probably going to stay that way. The site is running gforge which is a separate system - a sourceforge clone, meant for organising and co-ordinating development. The user database that it uses is quite separate to the one for and is used for lots of things including controlling CVS permissions. I think it would be impossible to combine this with

As for the foundation site, well I'm not sure about the details of that. But it shouldn't matter so much now - that login was really meant to let founding members get their goodies before the open source release, which is pretty much irrelevant now. In any case, none of us web admins have enough spare time to investigate combining them anyway, considering that the site's barely used now.

Anyway, sorry that's not much help.. This entry in the FAQ on may help to shed some light on the purpose of the different websites:


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