Oldsite -- more work?

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Oldsite -- more work?

Post by meestaplu »


I'm doing a bunch of work on the old site -- categorizing all the articles that were posted. While I'm at it, I could take a look at the rest of the site. In particular, I'd like to take a look at the userlinks database; I'm sure it's a huge list, but I would be interested to know which pages are still up.

One of my friends introduced me to Blender when it was on version 1.80, and my work on the old site revealed a huge history that I had never seen before. Now I want to find out everything I can, so if I can do anything else on the old web site, please let me know.


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Post by Timothy »

I could see if I can print out the links from the database, but not on very short notice,..

try e-mailing me (me@timothykanters.com) a reminder about this in a week or two (I will forget it myself).


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