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Some investigation into Savannah

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 12:54 am
by xitnalta

For everybody that still would like to see a system (Savannah is a fork of SF 2.0) adapted for project accounts, I just thought I would share a small (not-too-difficult-to-find-out) discovery.

Judging from , Savannah seems to have quite a big (good?) Info manual, which might be a good starting point for people wanting to find out more about (setting up) Savannah. The project page is at .

I'd like to discuss it a bit further. I don't have much experience myself (besides wanting to migrate everything (including stuff I have on to ), so I'd like to hear more from people that already tried to use (i.e., install) it.

Proposal: how about a Savannah setup at that would be open to sub-projects regarding the Blender code base as well as experimental work on Blender? I don't know definitively whether artist services will be at the same place ( like the coder services, so it could also host 3D artwork and related projects.

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 2:55 pm
by ton
Yep. We're looking at the SF code to implement projects here. I've got two guru's who will look into that.

I still need to think over how exactly the whole Blender project will be managed. At least I want to have an 'official' foundation release, but also host several experiments or forks...