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Contact: Width updated

Post by Timothy »

Hey all,

The website now fills your entire browser window. And the website can also be viewed without width scrolling on 800x600 resolutions, though 1024x768 is still advised.

Timothy Kanters
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Post by harkyman »

Yee-haw. Thanks.

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Post by hannibar »

nice :D

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Post by scoab »

Thanks! I appreciate that very much.

Nice solution, by the way :)

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Post by alltaken »

i hope you realise how happy this makes me as i am on a 800x600 laptop.

i have been waiting for this for a long time.

thanks it is the best thing since...............

.........what was that 3d program called again!!!! :wink:

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Post by Jamesk »

Thanks a lot, Kibsey! The old width really bothered me while browsing from work where our overambitious admin has locked the screen resolution to 800x600... Gotta sniff that password some day....

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