suggestions about new`s looks

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suggestions about new`s looks

Post by kxs »

generally it looks OK and mostly clear. but I think that search button should be higher, not almost on the bottom of the page. there should be also ling to user forums, as I mentioned in a different topic.
and one more thing about the forums. don`t you think that "New posts" and "No new posts icons" are to look alike? if you really don`t want to use colors than make the "New posts" one even darker.

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Post by gorgan_almighty »

I think it looks terrible. :evil:

Sorry but was fine the way it was, the side menu approach was much better than these pull-down menus at the top - I can't find my way around. already had this new interface, so why does need it as well?

I'm glad to see the forum still has the old interface, but is that going to be replaced as well??


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Post by joeri »

I don't think it makes much sense to comment the current look and interactivity.
It's a 'hack' to repair the site thanks to numurous evil attacks.

Personaly I think it's a good move to combine the foundation and the developers site onto one url, as you might know I'd also like to see a user area on
But it will continue to be impossible to please everybody. And to orden all the (different) information in such a way it's easy to find for everybody will continue to be a difficult task.

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Post by ton »

You can read past news messages about the background why we moved to a new system. The vulnerablity of the old postnuke (on caused several hackers to try to damage our site.
All our resources & energy then went to as quick as possible moving to a safer system. Spent a lot of hours on that already (and all our budget for webservices this year). It's far from optimal now, I know... mostly we now can only wait for the webteam (volunteers) to further complete the design.

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