Blender at FOSDEM 2007 (Brussels)

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Blender at FOSDEM 2007 (Brussels)

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Fosdem is one of the larger open source and free software venues in Europe. Their web site has been lost partially, so there isn't much info about it at the moment.

I've been to two already, and it seems to me a very good place for Blender to be. FOSDEM is organised at the VUB in Brussels, and one of the campuses is opened the entire weekend specifically for it.

The possibilities are multiple: a Blender Shop, maybe one or two discussions about the good things about Project Orange for the development, adoption and visibility of Blender, whatever. There are many aula's available, and many people of different interests, including people from Red Had and Novell (last year as far as I remember).

What are your thoughts? Is this worth the time of the Blender Foundation? Should we wait another year before going in full force? I'm living in Leuven, and work in Brussels. Any information needed I should able to obtain.


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