Just an idea Huntshoot

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Just an idea Huntshoot

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Type: shooting, rpg, online

The game is a first-person shooting, role,

Has no, because like all multiplayer online develops as you play.

As seen from the game:
Basic development of the game is hunting.

As a player, you can buy different types of baits, weapons, vehicles.
Besides watching what is the value of N predator, if this dead or alive.

Depending on the predator was handled different types of weapons, vehicles and bait.
For example, the predator A is very large, then it will be necessary to catch a bait for the special and other predators, then when you get 'A' reached with other smaller in size but will be many, hunting is a way of forming a group people buy the M vehicle to transport the predator, and weapons that have P forceful effect on the predator,.

Transportation: capable of transporting people and predators.
Hunting: capable of firing different types of networks, in addition to its high speed.

Thank you.

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