Peach Project: Hair

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Peach Project: Hair

Post by Siegel »

Hi I was wondering how the project was rendering the chinchilla with its hair using only a render farm or on the individual pc's, the reason im asking is cause ive tried to render as many hairs as what the chinchilla has but blender crashes every single time.

Hope im making a bit of sense so that some light could be shed on how to render so many hairs for the average blender hobbiest.

Thank You

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Post by jesterKing »

AFAIK the render farm nodes have 4GB RAM each, so you'll need to use at least that. I heard that some of the Peachers (ok, at least one) have 8GB RAM at their disposal.

If you get crashes, it is most likely due to lack of RAM.


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Post by JoOngle »


Just a little public information - This is the BEST time to purchase more memory for your computer - because RAM has never been cheaper, you can get nice 2GB blocks of 667mhz DDR2 ram for like 80 bucks and even less, meaning you can fill up your computer to 8 Gb (providing that you have a newer motherboard/mainboard..and available slots) for the same price you paid for 1 Gb just 3-4 years ago, aint it great?

If you decide to do so - remember to install a 64-Bit Operating System to support it, you can´t utilize the whole 8 gb (about 3,3 gb on 32-bit vista/xp) if you have a 32 bit-OS. provides you with a free 64-bit Linux that eg. afaik. the Peach-Team uses....and is relatively maintenance free (meaning no user interaction on your part, I use it myself and get access to the whole 8 GB area...and even compile the latest Blender SVN on that platform) - It´s a blast!

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