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Potential Film Festival entry for Big Buck Bunny...

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 10:01 am
by Hunkadoodledoo
I saw link on about the CINEMABRUT film festival that is taking place in May, and they have an animation category! I was wondering if Big Buck Bunny is going to be entered into any film festivals, and if there are already plans to do so, why not enter into one more? Here is a link to the English Take Part page for CINEMABRUT 2008:

Here is text from the page:

"Each year we organise an open film programming that leads to an awards ceremony (le Brutal one) in the final evening. We are calling artists, creators who want to participate to submit their films. We welcome both feature and short films in any length, and all genres including animation. This year the competition is also open to foreign films. The criteria for selection is broad, but focused on creativity as we are trying hard to reveal strong ideas, techniques, “mise en scène”, script, etc... A committee pre-views and pre-selects the film submissions which will be announced on our Internet site on the end of April, 2008."

Deadline for submission is 20 April. I hope we can get BBB in there and show the Free and Independent Film world what we are capable of!