Apricot: Contribute with your Own stuff!

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Apricot: Contribute with your Own stuff!

Post by venomgfx »

Hey apricoters around the world!

We got some people asking about how/where to contact the team for helping with contributing models/animations/textures.

There is already a blogpost about how to animate Frank character in our Blog:

Now I would like to open this thread for you to ask us and show what you have to help this project get bigger and bigger.

A nice example is the case of jhoolmans, who made thisnice turtle for us and rigged it, now it would be nice if someone can texture it, make animations? walkcycles, runcycles (yes for a turtle! : ) and all kind of stuff, I think is a nice example of how open source works. You would be helping making this game more yours!.

Please remember that all content you publish must be under Creative Commons, that means that you give the right to people to use it, and share it, always mentioning the real original author (you).

What can you contribute with? anything. From new characters to new animations for the characters we already have. How can you get them? via SVN!, click here for more info.
There is an open ftp space on blender.org. It works like this:
ftp to: download.blender.org
user: anonymous
password: your email address

When logged in, go to the directory ‘incoming’. What you put there is visible here:
This upload space deletes all old files after a couple of weeks, so don’t use it for permanent storage.
Just drop a comment, we will be checking this out.
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Turtle model

Post by jhoolmans »

Hey there! I am submitting my turtle model.

Things to be done:

(maybe rigging tweaks)

Download Original: http://www.jeroenhoolmans.nl/downloads/turtle.blend



Download the updated turtle with normalmap and color (by DanZMan)
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Contributing Music and SFX

Post by karmacomp »


I just found this really cool project and have been an on/off blender nut for many many years.

Although I own Lightwave 9, Carrara 6 Pro, Vue 6 Inifinite, tons of modellers and texture programs and just about every game engine commercially available, I seem to come back to Blender!

I am a professional composer and operate an audio/video production house - state-of-the-art.

I would like to contribute music scoring to this project if at all possible.

How does one become part of the team?

You can go to www.world-class-multimedia.com and go to the custom scoring section to hear many examples of my work.

I look forward to your reply.

Mike Felker

You Dream It - We Create It!

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Post by gnome »

hey folks! I'm currently messing with animations for the turtle provided by jhoolmans. I've never really animated anything before, so they are probably not top quality, but the heck with it :)

@jhoolmans: I noticed the texture is missing, is that intentional, or would you provide that one, too?

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How do I post?

Post by DanZMan »

I downloaded the turtle, modified the texture, and added a normal map, but I can't figure out to post it. Can someone help me?

Great turtle and animations!! Will look good in game!

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Post by jhoolmans »

@gnome: :) I've updated the .blend so it has the texture packed. But you already know that since i told you on the blog :D

@DanZMan: As I said on the blog (I don't know which post you will see sooner ;)) you could mail it to me and I will update this post. my email is jhoolmans@gmail.com. It's great to finally see the turtle with normalmap :D do you want to share how you did that? drew it yourself or generated?

I think I will make another character :D

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Post by jhoolmans »

I could not resist making the warthog as well.. I recorded while making it :) I will make it a timelapse and upload it.

**few moments later**
hmm.. can't seem to edit the file and it's quite big to upload :( 1gb
should not have compressed with Techsmith =(

Next: Unwrapping and rigging

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Post by jhoolmans »

I have updated my post above with the modified texture and normal map for the turtle.

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New Warthog Model!

Post by jhoolmans »

And now I've uploaded the Warthog model :D.
If you guys still want to edit something about it, just do it and mail it to me + tell me what you changed :)

for texturing, I did quick painting with Blender so no .xcf file is available.

Download: http://www.jeroenhoolmans.nl/downloads/Warthog.blend
this was copied from the blog :).


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Post by mangojambo1 »

He is coming! Momo!!


He is a funny chick monkey! I was planning he stay on the trees or high places to throw things on frankie! (almost the same like frankie do!

- Model (lowpoly)
- Rig (simple like ramiro. I like ramiro's rig! It is good to animate.)
- Shapes key (6 simple shape: 2 Eyebrow UPnDOWN, 2 Eyelid Up and Down, 2 mouth: smile and "ooh ooh" ... lol

To do:
- Finish the texture - I mean, I just did a simple texture really fast to start animating him.

- To animate - that will be fun !!! I have some "idleas" in mind!!
.Shaking like a crazy monkey
.Eating lice from other momo
.Waving for frankie and calling him and when he gets close they start to throw things!! (will be a surprise if no one read this!! )
. throwing, dying, jumping, hanging... there is a lot options...

so, that is it ... I need to go to sleep now!! See you later!!

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Post by ColdOneK »

Hello, my name is Justin, and I'm new to blender, but I'm an avid concept artist, and I could design a few characters, but I'd need a "starting position, or a basic outline of the kind of character you want. Like a ferocious rabbit, who would like to kill you :twisted: , but you'd never know it. Or something along those lines, so, if you know of something you'd like, please tell me, I'd love to see something I designed in a game :P . Oh, if you want it, my email is dalessan9@gmail.com
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Sound design

Post by vytis »

Hi, I am a sound designer with several years of experience in film and TV audio post-production. I would be glad to offer my experience in creating custom sound effects for the game. For this project I would like to set myself up for challenge and do all sound design using ONLY open source software (pure data / ardour / audacity / ...). Please let me know if you have room for someone like me.

Excerpts from my showreel are available at:


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I’ll help too…

Post by thinkingman »

I’m an award-winning graphic designer/art director with a lot of years of all types of 3D work under my belt. Although I’m fairly a n00b to Blender itself, I will be glad to create/contribute/remap/rig UV texture maps and any other bitmappy-type stuff you guys might need, I just love Blender and the community.

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Post by Pappenheimer »

I'm new to blender, too.
My guess is that you can't wait for being asked to do this or that.
There had been initial calls for animations, but you are free to offer assets like jhoolmans or mangojambo did or do.

@ Mangojambo:
It is sorta sad that you didn't get any response to your monkey.
I like it and I like it not.
It is actually a very good and lively model, but the sharp edges of the rendered shadow spoils it a bit.
I love its hands!
All in all, I think its forehead and its lips could use some more polygons to make the angry look and 'ooh ooh' less blocky.
What I don't like is, that it is 'happily mean'! (This is what I don't like of Frankie, too, by the way. I think, in the game, Frankie should be mean because he is unhappy, maybe because he is in the wrong land with the wrong animals and he feels homesick... things like that...)

It is said that we human beeings have one happy and one unhappy side in our face. I would give Momo an unhappy side, too; just a slightly lower eye lid. An expression of a 'broken' character, an expression which let the audience expect a history behind the character.

Just my two cents!

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Post by DTango »

An animation I did using some of the ' Yo Frankie! ' cast.


If there are any errors in my notes / credits, please tell me here.



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