Sound design / custom sound effects

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Sound design / custom sound effects

Post by vytis »

Hi, I am a sound designer with several years of experience in film and TV audio post-production. As I truly believe in the open source community, I would be glad to offer my experience in creating custom sound effects for your projects. Please get in touch with me if you are working on something exciting that would benefit from some sound effects, foley and mixing.

Excerpts from my showreel are available at:


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Post by rylangrayston »

Hi I am the founder of

Its a site I started for anyone to be able to share their Time Lapse footage.

To date all the footage on the site is all Time Lapse I did and is lacking sound!

I have a hard time knowing what sounds I would even like to hear during
a clip like Cross Cut Orange. Perhaps you would have some ideas after seeing it.

Remember you can change the frame rates to fit your sound ideas.

I also posted a question about how the Cross Cut Time Lapse frames might be useful to the blender community here.

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