to buy or to download

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to buy or to download

Post by blenman » Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:43 pm


Is the ISO download of the BBB stuff the same as the DVD content you can buy?

I downloaded it and all that there is in the tutorials folder, is a folder called fur/imag and a series of images of chincillas in various furry stages - really useless just by themselves.

What am I missing?

Before I buy the DVD, I would like to know if it does contain more content, eps. tutorials!

any help, thanks


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Post by snifi » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:25 pm

If you follow the DVD ISO links on the homepage, you'll find two DVD discs to download: NTSC and PAL. The naming is misleading, they should be called DISC2 and DISC1 (in this order). I have found nothing on them that has relation to the european/american television standards PAL nor NTSC, so I guess the naming is an error or a joke, i don't know...

Open the index.html file of each of them so you find the contents pages.


The NTSC part of DVD's are mostly blogs, and developing contents, but it includes some funny collection of jokes and errors, which are indeed a good learning resource as well.

As I have found, there is only two video tutorials, one about linking the scenes and file structure, and one about rigging the squirrel Rinky. But on the props, there is a video collection of the trees and flowers, and somewhere there was a very interesting video which shows the views of sketch book, blendering, rendering and the final result at same screen.

Most of the tutorials seems to be in HTML format, including quite a lot photos and pictures.

I have only a downloaded version like you, and I am using it through the Linux virtual ISO mounting program "Gmount-iso", so you don't need to burn it on DVD. I guess the downloaded version is identical with the physical disc. It saves the packaging costs, so I decided to not to buy a disc, but donate.

And one word: the discs are marked as open content, which should mean it is meant not to get a bad feeling about the moral duty of buying or donating.

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