To David Revoy (nerdy post warning)

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To David Revoy (nerdy post warning)

Post by ZanQdo » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:55 pm

Hi David, I Saw the Dragon concept in the blog and it is very nicely painted, however I think it is lacking on its anatomy. For example your dragon appears to be a 4 legged create with "normal" fingers in the front legs + some unrealistic bone extrusions growing from some undefined part up the feet. This bone structures don't appear to have any articulation whatsoever ... dragon.jpg

The wings of a dragon are actually inspired on the wings of bats, and bats have nothing more than hands with some elongated fingers (with their respective joints) holding the skin between them and the sides of the body ... strom1.jpg

Bats have the thumb finger free (separated from the skin) and pointing forward. So dragons can have one or two regular sized fingers pointing forward that they can use for manipulating things or just like hooks.

There's also variations like an extra stiff bone extruding from the elbow to hold the skin

It's not present on bats but looks cool on a dragon :)

Apart from the wings, a dragon needs very strong chest and back to flap the wings, specially the chest. Also those horns don't look like they are attached strongly to the skull, rather to the neck.

I hope it helps

PD: heres a bit of inspirational material :)
:-) Hosting for your test builds:

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