I would like to offer my services

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Little Stone Dogs
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I would like to offer my services

Post by Little Stone Dogs » Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:24 am

Hello All,

I just signed up for this web-site and am still a little disoriented as to where to properly post certain topics; so please forgive my ignorance if this is the wrong place for this thread.

I first downloaded Blender in July of this year. I am happy with how quickly I am picking up digital animation and it is all thanks to the wonderful Blender community. If this type of technology was around 20 years ago, my life would be completely different today. I am hoping that as I gain more experience with Blender, my life and career will change within the next year.

I originally downloaded Blender as a way to try to market myself as a indie song-writer,(put some visuals to my songs).

I have come to Love Blender and animating and would like to give something back to the community in return for such great open source software and learning support. If I was making a profit off the use of Blender I would already be donating as much as I could, (and plan to when I do start showing a profit), but for now all I can offer is my services as a musician/song writer for the new open movie.

Yes I am aware that there are others that have probably offered also, most with some sort of professional movie/video/sound track production experience, (I have none as yet), but I figured I would still offer.

What I do have to offer is close to 30 years as a traditionally trained guitar player whom is able to play many instruments, a guy whom has become very adept with the use of Cubase digital audio production suite with a vast collection samples and sounds for any style of music, and a artist that has recently come into his own as a music producer.

All the software I use is current and up to date, as is my hardware, (intel i7 processor safely over-clocked to 4.3, man this is an awesome machine), I believe in using and buying; if need be, high-end products. You get what you pay for type of thing.

As stated above, I am in the middle of my own music/video project and I am not ready to let any hear what I am doing. But if one of the higher ups in the open movie project throws an emotion/idea at me for a piece of music, I will gladly put something together as a demo.

If this is of any interest please contact me.


Again, thx for such a wonderful and supportive community, it has changed this artists life for the better.

After posting this I did some futher web and forum trolling on the new open movie project and realized that this offer might have come too late.

Offer still stands for any up and coming movie project, (if I am too late for Durian).

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