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Digital Arists Community Exchange

Post by UncaRay » Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:35 pm

In the Artist's Community the hottest topic, aside from art itself, is the question of actually getting paid for what you do. The online arts community is revolutionizing the way we find an audience, produce our art, teach the necessary skills, and even share the labor for huge projects like CG animation.

The last step now is for Artists as a community to effectively and efficiently leverage the power of money itself to drive the economic eco-system of art production.

The Digital Artists Community Exchange (DACE) is a barter exchange community of, by, and for, the artists who use it. Account holders make offerings and list wants. When a deal is struck, valued in "Dace Credits" (D$), and successfully concluded, the buyer's account is debited for the amount and the seller's account is credited. The seller may then use accrued D$ to buy other services or products offered within the system.

You may register for free at, just choose DACE when asked which exchange you wish to join, You will also be asked to list your offers and wants, so give some thought to that before you sign up.

There is no way to know but I would guess that value exchanges of labor and files withing the online arts community would be in the millions of dollars if valued in greenbacks. By using this system to "keep score" we can take control of that value and use it to build our community as well as fuel our creative projects.

For more information on how Community Exchange Systems work visit; ... cepts.html
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