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New Animation

Post by gits777 » Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:20 am

Im starting a 3d animation film 15 to 20 mins, maybe full length. dont know yet, but support would be nice, voice actors will be needed. Have a good quality mic, send me a message (contacts will follow). This project will be big, i am a good artist, i am very familiar with normal mapping and bump. I can create my own textures using photoshop. if i need extra textures or anything i will post, dont worry. and im open to ideas.
here are my contacts:
Facebook: ... 0340767871
Twitter: (official updates will be here, of my work only, others will contain my daily life)
Deviant Art: (pics of work will go here)
you tube: ( videos of work will be posted here)

so contact me in anyway that will suit you, thank you.

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